Let Go Or Be Dragged

Let Go Or Be Dragged

It was a regular afternoon down in eerie New Orleans. I was swayed by my guides to watch this film “Snowpiecer.” Upon watching this film arrived a scene with a young girl, trying to see beyond a steel wall. Quickly my guides said “This is your gift, this is your gift! Pay attention” In the scene the man goes to ask the woman what she is doing and makes the inference “You’re clairvoyant and can see beyond the wall?” I gasped and within this a fear emerged- something I had stuffed deep down.

That night when it came time for bed, I did not want to sleep with the light off, something was definitely coming. Yet, I knew I had to face it. As I went to turn off the light a blue orb appeared and seemed to say “It’s okay, yes do it.” I spoke the intentions out loud that whatever was coming for me, I would defeat it.

Later on I found myself in a dream, in an old abandoned apartment smeared with tar stains from cigarettes. Everything was gloomy and pale, I turned to my right and saw a woman being raped by a demon. She was laying helpless on the coach as it was overtaking her. I leaped over the coach and started to strike.

Suddenly my whole body started convulsing. I thought I was still dreaming, but woke up in a seizure like state. This tremendous energy was going through my arms electrocuting me as if I stuck both my arms in a powerful light socket. This electricity went through my arms and into my heart; I felt a “shazing,” sound and a knowing that electric armor now adorned my chest. After researching, I learned it was kundalini energy and my heart has been on fire ever since, like little fiery snakes going throughout my body; the feeling of reward from the universe is a constant reminder that we are made to face anything and everything.

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Yaaaassssssss!!!!!! I so love this! Stories like this should be required reading for spiritual seekers. You don’t have to take that crap lying down! Get up and fight! You WILL win!!!!

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