Life In A Dream

Life In A Dream

Dear all!

This is not really a “story”, it’s more like a short note – I didn’t ever share this one except with my partner.

It was happening to me, years ago, to go to bed, normally, no particular experience before, when I had the most strange dream: I was “living” a different life. I was born, lived through my childood, grew up, became an adult, married, had children, became old and finally died. I looked different, I was living somewhere else and remember to have been very happy. As I woke up there was a sadness in me for not being able to see my beloved wife, my children, ever again. It really felt like a lifetime, so strong that it required a while to adapt again to my daily “normal” life. I still had before my eyes the faces, the feelings, the scene of myself dying in my bedroom with family around me – their LOVE for me! Wow!

How can you experience a complete lifetime in one night’s dream?

Well, anyway, it was beautiful, really very different from my life at that point. Thank you for reading,

– Angelo –

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Thank you for sharing that beautiful experience with us


Compared to the eternity of our cosmic being our incarnated lives are just one heart beat, one breath of a rhythm that repeats itself ad infinitum.

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