Lonely Girl

Lonely Girl

She walks along the road, dark and dreary the weather blusters and boils. Blisters on her feet she walks barefoot on the cold dirt road. A Road as barren and lifeless as a run down old tree that never bloomed. The stones dig into her feet as she hobbles along the same old dirt road she’s known her whole life. The Loneliest deserted faceless road that ever did exist, as cold and bitter as the crater bumbled lifeless moon. The road might as well had fallen from the moon in olden times it is so full of pot holes.The Lonely Girl is scared of people n’ society, a phobia of dirty rotten men haunt her in her nightmares. Each rock reminds her of all the friends that never stayed and failures to get a job and live up to her own expectations. The sheer Agony of never really having loving human hands to count on, drags on and on and on and on. The poor girl is exhausted, she feels the pain down to her bones, she shivers in fury of the thought of not having a true human friendship. Humans are so difficult and careless, shy and quiet people go largely unnoticed.

Nega Mosquitoes swirl around her hungry for fresh blood, she swats them away. She feels a head ack coming on that is screaming inside her of her true potential but it’s stuffed down so deep she can’t reach it!
For eons on end, it has seemed this way Trying so desperately to express herself freely to her heartz content. “To Have a Creative heart held captive shackled in chains like this is a crime,” The Lonely Girl Howled.

She darts passed some cars stealthily, avoiding them like she avoids people, climbing passed a steep ditch. She claws her way out and looks to see a path, She trots on in a little better mood now that the coast was clear. Fireflies are out now and Bullfrogs play songs in the swampy wetlands. The night Livens Up when she sees her faithful Tree looking back at her.

There’s a mist of a fog making the nightmare more enchanting looking than before, The Lonely Girl smirks a little ” Well at least I have the animals and plants as my best friends, in fact, one should always make good friends with their habitat.” Walking up to the Big Tree just down the path she winks in reflection to herself, ” Of coarse Darkness isn’t so bad so long as you keep your senses and witz about you” she whispered to herself. “I know myself well enough to know that.”

The stars are out, and the moon is hidden behind the thick clouds looming out from behind. The Forest canopy shelters The Lonely Girl from her troubles as it always does. ” Even though I have no friends I can always count on my forest to cheer me up.” she smiled. “Someday I’ll get this life working right, at least I can say I own myself and am well accomplished in myself.” She sits Underneath the Big Tree to meditate. Trees are so helpful with frustrating energies, they always know just how to untie a big tangled knot. ” Deep ‘inside my world where I dream in my Artz. If Only it were easier to express myself?! I don’t have much to show for it but I Know I’ve got what it takes. Heck, It’s my divine birth right to be able to express and defend myself. ” She continues turning attention to the tree, ” Oh, What to do!? All My Life I have felt like I’m broken but I know that’s not true, It’s just that time in a young artists life where things are on the next level…. there I go being all positive again but I still have no friends!

The Tree Listens and takes care of The Lonely Girl’s back, ” That’s just it Sweet Lonely Girl, You have convinced yourself that you are broken, stop looking at yourself in shattered glass. Instead look at the whole picture. The Carpet will Unfold and take you down the right path from here, You’ll see.

Something clicked inside The Lonely Girl, ” That’s it, after having worked through this for years on end that’s the thresh hold!” She Smiled “In the journey to making it possible for my dreams to come true I have fought like a true warrior but I have always been running from my fear of being broken, the fear of not being able to see my dreams through at the pace and at the place I’d like. That’s just it though I am not really broken, this haze is all Just one big illusion!

With that, the Mist Magicly Wooshed the Haze away! Making way For the Dawn of a Clean Day!

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As a blunt statement it’s rare for me to take a particular interest in these kinds of stories since so many come from a broken or traumatic background or past that it gets to a point where you become desensitized to it. To some this might come off as sounding unempathetic however this is not the issue since it’s quite the reverse. It’s more-so the idea that you can’t help what has already happened or is happening at the time, but the circumstances can still be changed for the future. However saying that, this one spoke to me very deeply… Read more »

Aah such a beautiful story.. and ik think very helpful for some lonely “broken ones” ?

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