Meeting 5 ET’s Doing A YouTube Regression Session

Meeting 5 ET’s Doing A YouTube Regression Session

I have been exploring my multidimensionality in various ways. One of my favourite tools to do that is doing a self regression session on YouTube. I was using the one of Brian Weiss called: Past-Life Regression Session.

I set the intention that I preferred to connect to ET’s. I had done that before but so far it had always been interesting and very insightfull but I had never connected to ET’s before. I had connected to some simultaneous parallel incarnations on earth and sometimes I would just fall asleep and wake up very relaxed at the end of the session. So I went in with a clear intention but without expectations.

This time however after stepping throught the door, a technique used in the session, I found myself in a very metallic looking area. It felt as if I had just stepped in a room. A bit further in the room where 5 to 6 ET’s standing in a kind of circle. They looked like a light giving white in their core parts of their body and then blue translucent towards the outer parts of their body.

Being in their presence I felt extremely connected. It felt as if we were sharing one heart with each other and I felt a total trust and openness between all these beings and myself. It almost felt as if we all were one but at the same time I had total acces to my own personality.

When the session came to the end I felt sorry that I needed to go and after being in ‘normal waking reality’ again I could feel my heart ache a bit. I reminded myself that the goal of such encounters is to bring these kind of energies down to earth and integrate them here. It was a wonderfull experience.

I am very gratefull that Brian Weiss made this self regression available throught YouTube. It has been a very simpel yet effective tool to explore my multidimensionalityand I can recommend to everyone!

P.S. later on I discoverd that the way the ET’s look in the movie – A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) – came pretty close to the ET’s I had connected to in my experience. Hence the picture from that movie.

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