Meeting My Mantis Guide

Meeting My Mantis Guide

I followed the “Meet Your ET Guide Guided Meditation” by Gigi Young. Quite quickly I saw the face of my guide, a large teardrop shaped head with huge slanted deep blue eyes. The features were very angular and there was something strange about it. When the meditation progressed and it was time to see the guide emerge from the mist I saw…

A mantis being! – inspiring me with the thirst for detailed and objective knowledge of the mind of god – worship through connecting mentally to the crystalline beauty and infinite intelligent complexity of divine manifestation. Our minds and souls connect as we reach out seeing clearly and comprehending in rich detail the scientific knowledge of our universe and the wisdom of god. This guide has been giving me discernment, curiosity, emotional equanimity and effortless ability to let go of illusions and distorted information without judgement. A gentle heart with a profound mind.

I found the image that most closely resembles what I saw, the ‘skin’ however was very pale and almost white in my vision, with a blue grey tinge and a smooth hard appearance.

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w00t, a real mantis 🙂

Who knows what interesting things you might learn from a Mantis?

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