Meeting The Essessani In A Lucid Dream

Meeting The Essessani In A Lucid Dream

After I had been listering and watching to Darryl Anka channeling the Bashar quitte a bit I saw an episode/event where Bashar explains how people can tap into the frequency of the Essessani. He mentioned that if people focus on a black triangle with blue light coming from behind it, that that can be used as kind of frequency phone number.
Being curious about this I gave this a try. During the day I meditated a couple of times upon it and could feel certain energies coming through. I found it a bit scary because it felt a bit cold somehow. However I kept on focussing and before going to sleep I focussed in my mind on this set image again.

In my dream later that night I found myself on a kind of deserted military base. To my great interest there where 2 small ET creatures that came towards me. Both dressed in military camouflage gear. They looked liked pretty standard Greys with white skin color. The setting was a bit tense, this was probably due to my own state of mind about this and hence the kind of military setting. However it was very interesting to meet them. We met peacefully and got to know each other frequency. Not a lot of information was exchanged that I remember.

Waking up I was a bit surprised that it had actually worked. How cool that I had actually met two members of the Essessani. ?

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