Memory I Had When I Was Very Little

Memory I Had When I Was Very Little

Dear friends. I wonder if anybdy could help me find out where this memory comes from. Since I am watching Gigis channel and heard her talk about Orion for the first time, there is something about Orion that strikes a chord within me. Also a certain memory reappeared that I would like to share.

As far as I can remember I was never sexually abused as a child.

When I was a small child of about three years old, I had detailed “memories” or fantasies of a dark cold place, kind of a factory hall with machines in it. There were male beings and human looking women. If you know the works of H. R. Giger, their clothing style was somewhat like that: the materials seemed to consist of some kind of black leather with armour-like parts made from metal, revealing a lot of skin.

The whole purpose of this building and the machines was for harvesting sexual energy out of the women, who were tied to the machines and raped or mutilated by the men / male beings. There was no love involved in these actions and the women were clearly exploited by the men. I even recall the mens’ voices saying to the women “you have to be exploited’.

The technology seemed to be advanced and from the clothing I figure (from my perspective now) that it was kind of futuristic. Still I would call it a memory.

For many years now I have noticed that a certain constellation of birthmarks on my right forearm reminds me of Orion’s belt. And as a small child I felt extremely drawn to advertisements by a company called ORION that sells sex toys and erotic movies.

There were other “signs” too, like a strange woman who told me right after we met that she was from Orion (she said she could not bare the duality on earth because in her memory Orion is a place of love and happiness).

Thank you in advance for all your insights. And of course, I would appreciate your responses very much.

Love, Amara

PS: Artwork by Teal Swan

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First off, I am 100% certain H.R. Giger got his inspiration from something real on another planet or alternative dimension and have felt that way for a long time (just gotta say that). In regards to Orion and I would veer away from assuming it is either a good or bad place, its a system with a lot of planets, worlds, races etc. and there’s no telling who exactly they were among all those possible groups. Obviously the memories you had were not positive…but was it even from the Orion system for sure or made to seem that way? Just… Read more »
Hi, Amara! My fellow Orion soul 🙂 Your post brought a lot into my mind! So many things are in tune with me. The story about harvesting the sexual energy in such aggressive manner is pretty close to me and unfortunately, in the array of my experience. I just want to say here that you should look out for such situations. I was not sexually abused as a child too but I brought myself into the dangerous situations later in my life. It happened on purpose – it was really to harvest me on the body and the soul level.… Read more »
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