Miracles are actually the phenomena of switching timelines. Miracles are manifestation energies at their most powerful. A high vibrational being can transport the masses with him or her to the new outcome, and a miracle is the result. Many of us can manifest outcomes before the living of linear time; few are able to alter a reality that has been lived out and experienced. Truly, we are masters of our own experience. The key is to believe that you are powerful, which isn’t easy on a vibrational planet that has been plagued by oppressive states of being, rife with the ideas of lack, guilt, weakness, victimhood, and sin. Only those who understand that All is Divinity in Form, and know that to be a truth that cannot be debated, have a chance of reaching this vibrational state. Breaking the chains of lack and sin and victimhood are the only way to free the earth dwellers from their low vibrational state of being. Therefore, many have come to be filters of lack–allowing the concepts to move in, through, and around them, releasing them instead of recycling them into the planet’s field. The power of these alchemists is shrouded and progress is hidden in the smoke and mirrors of their earthly environment. Even they are unaware of the potency of their experience. The miracle of the near future is the timeline where all beings operate with the universe swirling in their eyes. Beacons of hope and love, these Singers of the Song of Salvation transmute every limiting belief one by one by One. That is their Labor. They have weary arms and thin shoes, but all will reap the harvest. In this way, the last shall be first and the first shall be last, for no one operating in ignorance will be left behind. The new way of Being is imminent, and the miracle of switching timelines is the work of many mages who do nothing more than exist on an earth whose time has come for rebirth and renewal. Exit the limiting paradigm of lack and exist, and the meek shall indeed inherit this new earth.

So mote it be, and so it is.

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I love the image that you chose for this story!


A spiritual article so accurate is seldom! Thank you so much! <3


Thank u for ur truth Love it !

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