My Awakening Experience

My Awakening Experience

Hi everyone!! I just would like to share my personal story on how I had my awakening and remembered my truth as a starseed. So it starts when I was 16, I was depressed and had been struggling with anxiety since I was very little and had been dealing with self-harm for 4 years prior. At the time I was in a very co-dependent (on my end) relationship with a guy whom I had a very deep connection with, we began having problems due mainly to my emotional state and he broke up with me. I was so heartbroken it was one of the worst pains I’d ever felt in my current life and I immediately decided I didn’t like the direction my life was going and I didn’t want to always be in pain. A few weeks after my friend and I decided to do shrooms, I’m usually very reluctant to tell people about this because I don’t want the fact that I did drugs to take away from my experience. Anyway, it was the most deep and life changing experience I’ve ever had, in the span of just one day my entire ego and everything I’ve built up around myself completely fell away leaving me with pure energy and connectedness with all that is. After that my life was never the same, within months I began seeing energy, remembering past lives, and intuitively recieving information on pretty much everything.

One day I did a past life regression and found myself on another planet with webbed “toes” and different colored skin. It felt very very natural to me, later I bought a book that had a section on starseeds and I just started to cry after reading it because I resonated so deeply with it. There was also a medium I had been working with and she confirmed all of my experiences and gave me valid information on where I came from and why I’m here. I later connected with Vivaine Chauvet who is an Arcturian hybrid, (By this point I already learned myself to be from Arcturus originally) and we connected deeply and I received even more valuable information.

One other experience I had was connecting with a motherly energy that I presumed Arcturian whom I had a deep connection with and she took me to a ship and we entered a small room and to the left were so many energies of being I had family ties with in past incarnations on earth and off earth. after meeting these energies we fell (almost floated or absorbed) through the ship and she took me back to a planet where I received downloads and images. I have connected with her many times since and am still blown away as to the direction my life has taken. I know I’m here to raise the vibration of Earth and humanity (as are most starseeds) I’m currently taking Yoga teacher training and well on my way to fulfilling my mission in this life. My profile says differently but I’m currently only 17 and still in highschool. So all of this has happened for me in such a short period of time which has been exciting, scary, overwhelming, and overall beautiful and I’m so thankful to be able to experience this human life ☺️❤️💕

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Congratulations on your new life! What a beautiful awakening, love. All the best on your journey <3


Wow! I’m so so happy to hear your story. They say awakening is easier, the younger you are, and in your case, that sounds kinda true! Do you have a blog or somewhere you post updates? I’d love to follow your story.


can you get any aliens to make contact with me?

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