My Awakening Experience

My Awakening Experience

Hi! All! I want to share my experience. In 2010 a good friend of mine gave me the MP3 of Awakening course by Dr. Joe Vitali. The last chapter was “awakening.” There was a phrase “Please awaken me” there. I said it and I gave my permission unknowingly.

A few weeks later all I sudden I felt like I need to join angel meet up. It was hosted by an intuitive life coach who became a good friend of mine. There Max talked about angels. Mostly archangels. Which I was aware of them due to me being a Catholic. Anyhow after the meet up, I went home and then “the voice” introduce herself to me. “I’m Arcangel Gabriel.” She asked me about my day and we were chatting about a regular stuff. I thought I was imagining things or became crazy( crazy people hear voices). We had a regular conversation. Nothing spiritual. Then Michael and Raphael started to talk to me.

So I freaked out and totally convinced I am hearing voices like crazy people. But I didn’t like that idea. I seem normal besides I hear “them.”

A month later I went back to angel meet up and told Max about my experience. I told him I think I went crazy. So Max called up all Archangels. One by one. Each Arcangel’s voice and vibration matched with whom I am speaking with. I could feel their vibration ( very high) and their voices so even though I can’t see them, I had to accept this is really happening to me.

I was happy I wasn’t going crazy. But I kept my awakening mostly secret. I only told about it to very close people.

My conversation with my guides shifted quickly to spiritual stuff from regular conversation. Then my main guide has changed to Archangel Raphael and Arcangel Michael from Archangel Gabriel. Archangel Michael mainly instructed me to do certain things ( such as take reconnection on my BD,diet etc) Archangel Raphael suggested me to learn healing. I said yes but only free ones (reiki).
Eventually I was led to Matrixenergetics. ( I paid for that one) and it helped me go further awakening experience.

Angel from (public domain photo)

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Hi! Thank you for sharing your experience. Angels are immensely powerful, I call upon certain angels to help guide and protect me in my dream world. As I have been having nightmares, and I’ve been going through some releasing. Every night when I start to have a bad dream, I remember that I am safe and protected by the Angels. Much Love and Peace on your path.

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