My Dream: Intuitives Captured And Silenced – Then Indigo Starseed Shower To Earth

My Dream: Intuitives Captured And Silenced – Then Indigo Starseed Shower To Earth

First, I should introduce myself. I’m Scott, and I’ve had these kinds of real-time dreams/visions since age 15. My dream begins with me traveling slowly in a car down a street in my town, as large trucks and stretched vans pass from the other direction. Inside these oncoming vehicles, I see many men and women with black hoods over their heads, and I instinctively know that darker forces are capturing other intuitives by the dozen – silencing them, imprisoning them, perhaps torturing them so that they stay in fear. I open the car door and begin walking down the street, looking for a place to hide, feeling like I am being followed by these dark forces. I end up leading the dark forces to other intuitives who are hiding as well, but manage to escape into a small church. My dream then shifts into a vision of the earth, and blue/indigo cosmic waves of energy particles come raining down into the ionosphere – like a massive aurora. A voice tells me, “This is a new seeding of needed starseed children who will bring a change of peace to Earth in 16 years.

This dream took place the evening of October 26th. The following day I see postings on facebook from a friend about massive sightings of blue auroras over Norway and Russia. The 27th was also the day the New York Times reported on the first apparent intergalactic “object” or asteroid to come into our solar system and pass within 13 million miles from Earth as it hooked around and out of our solar system at a speed faster than our own Sun traveling through space. I’m hopeful that the vision of raining down of Starseeds is true!

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So you just “knew” that this was going on. Hmm, this is not news to me however. Well if it helps there are continuous extraction operations going on by various beings. (It would be somewhat obvious to assume countermeasures would be taking place though). Regardless, negative beings are often rookies. If they’re trying to outright silence them then they don’t know how to properly re-utilize them for their own purposes. Not trying to give ideas but y’know. Best kind of weapons is to use their own power against them, and all that. Without much information. While I’m not trying to… Read more »

Thank you for sharing. Love reading this.

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