My Familiar’s Message

My Familiar’s Message

It was the middle of the night and one of my pet cats walked up to the edge of my bed, walking, and sitting on my left shoulder. Suddenly, he stared at me and placed his forehead against mine. He began transferring strange symbols and formulas which the latter I couldn’t recognize at all. After what it seemed an eternity he pulls away from my forehead, stared into my eyes and walked away. I bragged my notebook and pencil and begin sketching what he transmitted to me which I have included an image of it. The next day I search for these symbols and found out that the triangle and the spiral are very mystical and many artists have created images with both of them in the same drawing with different variations. I’ve tried to find others who might help me in deciphering this sketch but haven’t found anyone. As for my cat, he has never communicated with me in such a manner since.

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WORD. Not sure about the formulas/equations but I saw something very similar after sun gazing. I’ve only drawn two perspectives as of yet… one being I’m trapped here for the time being. Or I was/am a seed (Starseed ofc) sprouting into something new.

#NoFilter Uhh… more sun gazing ? saw these a few minutes apart #ShutterSight #Personal #CEV #Sungazing A post shared by Amir Amin Ra™ (@dj_doublelock) on Apr 1, 2017 at 5:04pm PDT

Looks more like an alternate star map. It would not appear this way through conventional human mathematical logic. However at this point is just speculation. Consider the spiral as a rudimentary drawing of a galaxy. Depending on when this was done, the timing and placement of the stars within the area in question (represented by the triangle) was on the left side of said galaxy. No offence to the handwriting makes it difficult to decipher what each point in the drawing say’s where the only thing that stands out is point “xy-“. From the look of it. Some of… Read more »
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