My First Arcturian Encounter

My First Arcturian Encounter

Hi all! I’m new here and new to the galactic community in general. I wanted to share what’s going on as I don’t have many people (if any!) that I can share this to.. I’m pretty sure they’d think I’m crazy! Lol. So I’d love some feedback.

I’ve been a reiki practitioner and yoga student for about 5 years now. I’ve always been very sensitive to energies , had a few visions before but I’d say they were limited. I want to say they always came while I was doing reiki. Something about it just connects you to that space where things can happen.

Anyways I recently went to a healer for a DNA & Spirit activation (the healer belongs to the modern mystery school). Well since then I’ve been seeing a lot of orbs and blue sparks, this has happened in the past but it’s really become pretty constant. I’ve felt a strong shift going on, ringing in my left ear at time . Itchy small rash on a few areas . Strong feeling of connection at times. Anyone else experiencing this?

So I stumbled upon Gigi’s video about her first pleiadian experience. Something about this video really clicked with me . I never thought much of aliens 👽 at all! But i really loved her description of these beings, it seemed awesome to be able to connect with them. And now I’m so fascinated by this new world. I’ve always wanted to have the ability to connect on different levels but kind of gave up on it over the last couple of years because of a negative experience I had (psychic tried to scare me and it worked. I realize it was all BS and I no longer hold onto fear). Now after finding all this new information about the shifts going on, I realize it’s our birth right to be multi dimensional beings and to experience our very special abilities. It’s all about being open and practicing tapping into them!

Sooo I’ve had a few psychic or intuitive experiences as of late . They were visual , some auditory but that is where I question whether it’s me or other beings. The visuals were always clear but very quick. Like a burst of an image and then fades out quickly. Energy shifts I definitely feel.

The first one was about 2 weeks ago, at the end of my yoga practice I think a grey came in to visit me . Probably not ready to interact with them as one of my first ET encounters but I wasn’t afraid . Just surprised. I saw a face in a square box to the right of my minds eye. It felt like he was peeking in on me.

A few days later I felt like I was connecting and conversing with a pleadian guide. Didn’t have a clear visual for that. Somewhat questioned these encounters but there was a strong feminine energy that felt like a fun close friend. I believe her name is Shatavar or maybe I made it up. Lol. Also- I saw an older mans face this morning which came in very clear, he had a long gray beard and he looked at me strangely like he was surprised to see me. Strange right ?! There was a few other very brief encounters like these. but I won’t get into them all. I’m sure this doesn’t sound too interesting but it’s all new and exciting for me.

One more before I get to the big part – I was reading an article about arcturians the other day at work and a very calm energy came in, my eyes felt like they were getting very large and it wasn’t a bad feeling but it wasn’t a warm one either. It felt like someone with very high intelligence was connecting with me. I asked for a sign , for a ringing in my ears or something and instantly I felt a tunnel of wind blowing through both ears. . I was shocked and a little mesmerized for about an hour after this!

Here’s the big one:

So tonight I decided to get in the zone and put on Gigi’s meditation. I was trying to connect but wasn’t getting much. I decided to give myself some reiki and orbs of different colors came in. Various images in and out . Then I asked to connect to an arcturian guide since the connection felt strong yesterday . I have not seen any images of arcturians mind you. A blue being came in with a large head and very big almond slanted dark eyes came in. Clear as day. I was a little surprised , I was expecting a little more human looking ET to come in. There was definitely human features but I mean he was blue with a big head and huge eyes ! I conversed with him, definitely male as he had a masculine voice. I didn’t get anything to specific, just that I was on the right path and he was happy that I asked to connect. I asked for his help during my process of developing and connecting to my higher self. He gladly agreed. This being had a very warm loving energy. I felt him to be very sincere in wanting to help me on my path. It truly felt like another voice in my head and not my own. I am really glad to have him as a friend and guide 🙂

So – I was excited after this and felt very warm and fuzzy . I decided to google images of arcturians and found exact replicas of what he looked like!!!! Total validation.

I’m looking to strengthen my clairaudience ability, it doesn’t always come in too strong . If anyone has any tips I’d love to hear them 🙂

I look forward to connecting with this community on Gigi’s page !! Much love & light . Thanks for letting me ramble about my recent experiences .

Does anyone know how to change your user name for some reason it’s not letting me, thanks!

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Thank you for sharing! So strange because I just recently got the same healing from the modern mystery school. Did yours come with a soul path reading?

I also feel a strong connection to Arcturians and connected via Gigi’s guided meditation. It was a female, and she didn’t give me any content in sentences. It was more like she wanted to convey how known and loved I was.

Anyways, I enjoyed reading your story. Thank you!

You sound like you think you’ve wandered into a place where no one has a clue on what you’re on about, but no worries. Pretty sure everyone knows what’s going on lol. It’s actually more typical here than you might think. You are in safe hands. I get what it’s like dealing with potentially malicious or exploitative psychics. Have one which I’m in the process of “investigating”. Clairaudiance… Hmm. I have claircognizance which is kinda similar but it’s more of a brain game so I’d say that anything seemingly “random” that might come in, don’t just instantly pass off as… Read more »
Awesome story! Sounds like the encounters are flooding in. Clairaudience is my strong-suit, some things I really enjoy doing that you might like too is: 1. binaural beats. Actually just type in youtube Arcturian sound healing you’ll find plenty of videos. Just go with what feels right 2. Music. Typically some calm trance like music or tribal music (depends on your tastes but something you can meditate to) Ill put on the binaural beats, turn the volume real low and in another tab put on an album I enjoy and meditate and let my imagination run with the sounds. You’ll… Read more »

Thank you for sharing. Arcturian energy is purely awesome and brings many insights. Gigi’s meditation is really helping to tap into some juicy cosmic energy. And you’re not alone at all. You’re in the right place 🙂


Hi there! I also have a connection with the Arcturians, and I also see the same blue beings with the larger heads and slanted, dark eyes, just like in the image you shared. I saw this image in my minds eye before I looked up what they look like.

I just submitted my story today about my download about Reiki energy coming from the Arcturians – just thought I’d share that. I’ve been using Reiki for several years, and this just now came to my awareness. The symbolism is very similar.

Thanks for sharing. We all help to validate each other!


can you get any aliens to make contact with me?

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