My First Encounter With An ET

My First Encounter With An ET

Around 2 years ago I had my first encounter with an ET, I was meditating on my bed and I was entering the vibrational stage, it was early night time, I wanted to meditate a few hours before I slept. I was really relaxed and suddenly a shadow passed over my eyes, like someone waved their hand over my eyes, so I opened my eyes and saw nothing but for some reason I turned to look at my bedroom door and there stood a pretty tall being with a slim body and a long large head, but it was in what I would describe as a shadow form, I could not see it’s physical body. From the meditation I was paralysed, I am guessing from my muscles being so relaxed, I looked at it for about 10-20 seconds and I was trying to shout for someone but no sound was coming out of my mouth, I was scared of being abducted so that is why I tried to shout for help. I then was able to get up so I turned the light on and off and it vanished, the shadow wasn’t there anymore, and to this day my memory of what I did after it happened is blurred. I would also like to add the room was pretty dark and nothing would have caused that shadow I don’t believe. I also have included a drawing of what I saw, it isn’t great haha but I wanted to show you 🙂

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Old Wolf

Very interesting. Thankyou for sharing.


This sounds very much like sleep paralysis.

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