My Past Life Regression Story

My Past Life Regression Story

Last November, I completed my course on Dolores Cannon’s past life regression hypnosis technique, which she has officially named Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). Although, at that point, I had never had a session done on myself since I live on a small island in the Caribbean archipelago with a population of 1.4m. The only other practitioner from the island was residing in the US, though she came back here to do work last January, and I booked a session with her for February. The way the session goes is that for the first portion, I regress to past lives and for the second portion, I channel my Higher Self who will then answer a list of questions I’ve made prior to the session.

After my practitioner induced me into the theta state, the first thing I saw was myself floating in space. I then saw the Earth out in front of me, and the moon way out on my right. I quickly realized I was an astronaut floating up there, connected by a line to a space station behind me on my left. She (my practitioner) had me go into the space station to where I met 2 of my coworkers, one black male and 1 white female, I felt happy to see them. She then had me go to my living quarters and had me find a mirror to see myself, and I realized that I was an Asian male. She then had me find a calendar on my desk area and told me to read the date: it said JULY 2017! Parallel life perhaps?

She then had me go back down to Earth to see what my regular mundane life was like, which was all nice to see. However, as she tried to move me to another day in this life we were viewing, I felt myself suspended up in the air, floating over a savannah of some sort. I then quickly realized that I was in a disc shaped saucer, and I was a Grey, standing next to another Grey. When she asked what we were doing (mind you these answers were flowing out of my mouth without a second thought), I said “we’re monitoring the tectonic activity in the Earth, we’re preventing any potential unneeded quakes from taking place.” Then, she had me go to where I live, which was the dark side of the moon. Clearly a base, and I realized that my kind weren’t completely biologically organic, we were hybrids with machines.

Then I saw myself in another ship, I could see a collective of tall white aliens staring into the direction of a window with their mouths wide open, looking upset almost, then realizing that I’m a tall white as well, and I looked out of the window to where they were looking and saw a planet almost burning up but also enveloped in fuchsia and crimson rays which we were sending to it. I quickly realized that this was Earth during the cataclysm that exterminated the dinosaurs. The rays we were sending were meant to salvage any life that we could so that we didn’t have to “reset the experiment” so to speak.

She began asking me questions about our kind like where was our origin, I said Zeta Reticuli. She wanted to know how we felt about human beings to which I said that they are quite a funny species, so emotional, so strange, I even quoted and talked about the song “Human Behaviour” by Bjork as a joke. Again, I reiterate, my conscious mind was pushed to the side, these answers were flowing out of my mouth without any tact or thought. I then said how humans may interpret us as being scary, mean spirited etc. but it’s simply not the case. We’ve evolved past having an emotional body, if anything, we’re more afraid of humans.

Listening back to the recording of my session, this part gets blurry, I’m not sure when did the personality change, but my practitioner was conversing and conversing then suddenly asked “Who are you to Mathew (me)?” I answered back “I am his spirit guide.” I was then able to visualize my spirit guide, who I can only describe as looking somewhat like a fairy crossed with Groot from the film Guardians of the Galaxy, with a luminescent body, coloured in a neon orange and powder blue, and he/she was sitting near the ceiling of my room. Months after I realized I had actually painted my guide way back in 2010 without realizing it (pictured above).

My practitioner took the liberty of getting my questions answered by my guide rather than my Higher Self, this time, the answers were jumping out of my mouth while my conscious mind stood to the side and listened in awe. These are some of my questions and the answers received from my guide:

Q: Does Mathew know about you? Or sense you?
A: Yes, he always has the feeling of being watched in his room, though he knows I’m not malevolent at all, he feels safe, yet contemplative when he gets this feeling.

Q: Has he lived many lives on this planet?
A: No, this, and the one as the astronaut are his first.

Q: What is the purpose of that life as an astronaut?
A: He is living that life utilizing the more masculine side of his soul, his job is dealing with satellites and maintaining channels for communications across the planet, and that is a very important job. Though that life is much more grounded and logical as oppose to this one here that he is living.

Q: Is that why he feels like he was born in the wrong gender? Because the feminine side of his soul is being expressed more on this end?
A: Yes, it is with good purpose that he is born biologically male with a dominant feminine energy in him. Him as well as many others were sent at this time to Earth by what you may know as the Goddess Diana, to restore the Divine Feminine on Earth, and bring back a proper balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine. He is showing those around him that it is perfectly natural to be born a male but to express oneself as very feminine, and that it is natural and beautiful. (On the forum for QHHT practitioners, it is important to note that this answer and others similar to it came through for many LGBTQ clients)

Q: Where is Mathew’s soul originally from? Or spent the most time?
A: The Pleiades, he knows this, that’s why he resonated like the ringing of a bell when he first heard the term “Pleiadian,” he’s spent many long lives there. Many of them were lives as a musician, he loved creating musical instruments.

Q: Is this why he has such a deep connection to music and the arts here?
A: Absolutely, he was also born with the moon in Pisces as the perfect window to channel these energies.

Q: What can he do to further improve his job as a light worker on Earth?
A: He has in his possession a book called “The Pleiadian Workbook” by Amorah Quan Yin. He should most definitely integrate the meditations in that book into his daily life and his being shall align in most magnificent ways.

Some other more personal questions were answered, then the last:

Q: Any parting words for Mathew and the rest of us humans?
A: Yes, love more, go in nature more, laugh constantly, as serious as you take life, make joke of it as well, don’t waste time being worried, upset and angry. LAUGH! Even if it feels inappropriate or crazy, just laugh it out!

She then counted me out and the session was over.

Interesting thing that happened a month later: I was helping organize a little “Holistic Health” festival with some people in the local new age community. The venue host, who is a clairvoyant was conversing with me when all of a sudden he began saying “I’m picking up this image from you… the moon! It’s fully eclipsed! Completely dark.” I was bewildered at first, until I remembered! “Aha! Well, I found out in my own regression that I was a Grey who lived on a base on the dark side of the moon! Is that it?” He replied back “Ooooooh, so you are one of the hybrids!”

And that, is all the confirmation I needed!

(Image above was created by myself | IG: @M88nstruck)

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First off Matthew. I’ll just start this off by saying, badass. Righteous. And you go girl! Show those earthlings what the divine feminine is made of 😉 I relate to this in an unusual way. As I was absolutely anti-LGBT (long story) until I started having my invisible lover experience, which I wrote about here, and found out my soul mate is a woman. O_O My initial reaction “Nooo I’m secretly a heathen” softened into… wow this is what love was always supposed to be. Where was I? lol It makes these changes in the world toward acceptance make sense.… Read more »

I love this! Thank you so much for sharing!! I have a deep deep fascination with the moon, stars, planets, and the galaxies and space in general. Do you mind telling me how to or who to get in touch with to have this work done so that maybe I can find out my past lives and why I have such a deep connection with the stars?


I am interested in this contact too and would be grateful for any information you can offer.

Dear Matthew Firstly I would like to say what an interesting read and thank you for sharing. I too struggle with gender identity, although I wholeheartedly regard myself as an androgen – I would like to be hermaphroditic or void of reproductive organs – physical power is really my goal but I do not like the human form – prefer Giger’s alien! This is very important for my identity and ties strongly into my souls heritage and past/future lives as a “Reptilian”. Interestingly I have had interactions with Greys, Reptilians and Insect-like-beings that all seem to be in cross communication… Read more »
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