Nightmare Or Charade?

Nightmare Or Charade?

I was alone at my parent’s apartment and they were supposed to come home on the next day. At about 10 pm someone rang the doorbell. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I went to the door and asked: “Who’s there?” A man said politely: “There is a package for you. We have to deliver it now.” I thought that was weird (after all, it was 10 pm) but I opened the door anyway. Three men were standing there and while the first one was giving me the package, the other two entered the apartment and went into the rooms as if it was totally normal. I sensed something disturbing about the delivery guy but I smiled and thanked him for the package. It was actually a very thick envelope but it didn’t have a stamp or an address written on it. I opened it and the content was almost as disturbing as the guys inspecting the apartment – the envelope was full of childhood pictures of me. Here is the time to mention that I barely have any childhood pictures because my mom doesn’t like taking pictures and it wasn’t such a trend back then. It felt like these people have been watching me ever since I was little and didn’t have good intentions. I walked down the corridor to look for them. I wanted to show them I wasn’t alone (at that point I somehow knew that an old friend of mine was in the apartment as well).

On the way to the kitchen I saw two of the men opening the bathroom door and finding there my friend who had decided to take a shower (no idea why, we are not that close). He looked a little ashamed and totally innocent and the intruders were amused by his reaction. They closed the door to give him some privacy and continued their tour. One of them went into the kitchen and I got the feeling that they wanted to rob me or torture me but at the same time I felt like a ball of light. I could almost see the light coming out of me and couldn’t do anything but smile and treat them well. I was surprisingly calm and patient.

In the meantime the delivery guy came out of the kitchen and said to the other one: “We should go. We have no business here.” That man was a very strange character. Although I was sensing some darkness and that he was capable of doing terrible things, there was something noble about him. He looked like a regular guy, not the typical delivery guy because he was wearing black jeans and a black leather jacket but still, there was nothing disturbing about his appearance. His face didn’t have any special features, he looked calm and his voice was steady. It was hard to say whether he was disappointed or didn’t care about the circumstances. Then it hit me – he and his people couldn’t do me any harm because I wasn’t responding to their evil side. I was genuinely incapable of being afraid of them even though I didn’t like them.

All of a sudden, a lot of people started coming out of the rooms and everybody wanted to leave the building. It was a sad crowd. One of the girls had a lot of piercings and earrings. I saw a lost earring on the floor and asked her whether it was hers and she gave me the biggest smile. For some reason I went to the kitchen and now a lot of my friends were sitting there. Then I went back to check if everybody was gone and only the delivery guy was still there. He went to the toilet and flushed it. Then he came back to me and another toilet appeared in front of me. Pieces of the childhood pictures were floating in the water and the man said: “We made a mess, we had to clean it.” He flushed that toilet, too and disappeared with it.

Next thing I know, my parents are back and I’m talking to my mom about last night. Ironically, I got really scared while telling the story because I realized how terrible it could have ended. Then I woke up and turned on my night stand lamp (the light helps me calm down). It was almost 5 o’clock and the impressions from the dream were still very vivid. I decided to listen to some relaxing music and fell asleep afterwards. I slept for another 4 hours and when I woke up the dream was still on my mind but I wasn’t so freaked out. The more I was thinking about it, the more I was getting the feeling it was all one big charade. Maybe the pictures were given to me simply to trick me into believing that I was being monitored by some creepy people. The delivery guy was probably a negative entity that has created this scenario and when I didn’t play along, he had no choice but to leave. The “play” reminded me of Bulgakov’s “The Master and Margarita”. The novel is a masterpiece and I cannot possibly summarize it but one of the settings is in Moscow where Satan presents himself as a black magician and his subordinates arrange weird chains of events to manipulate morally decayed people. The type of manipulation I faced in the dream was pretty close to the vibe you get from the book.

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I’m so struck by how vivid this experience was, which I grasp by how you describe it. I do think entities have the ability to manipulate our perception of them: I shared a story recently about an entity that presented itself as a demon to scare me, but I soon figured out that wasn’t truly what he was. It seems like intuitively you saw through the charade, even as you played along, and you knew how to protect yourself. It’s funny because my message from my guide after my experience with the negative entity was that fear empowers them. I’m… Read more »
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