Old Buildings, New Perspectives

Old Buildings, New Perspectives

I’d like to begin with a big thank you to etoilerouge for posting “The lesson”. I tried to comment it but my story was too long and I got some sort of an error message so I thought that was a sign to write down all the details and post it separately.

It all started with my mom’s wish to go to Paris for a couple of days. She had already planned almost everything when it turned out that my dad couldn’t take the days off work, so I agreed to go with her. We had to catch an early flight so we decided to go to Sofia on the previous day and stay at a hotel. The travel agency that arranged our trip booked a room in a hotel and the transfer to the airport, so we didn’t really know where we were going.

The hotel turned out to be an old one and it had the vibe of a typical communist building. Our room had two beds and a mirror was placed partially in front of my bed. I think that mirror might have been some sort of an open portal but I’m not sure about it. Anyway, we had to get up at 3 am so my mom fell asleep at about 10. I’m not used to go to bed so early and it took me another hour to follow her example. When I finally started entering a deeper sleep stage something weird happened. At first, I saw my front teeth being very crooked. I was surprised and a little scared because I know my growing wisdom teeth could theoretically move the other teeth but not so dramatically. I didn’t buy this story so I moved my front teeth with my fingers and put them where they used to be. I was happy with the result but then I was given another look at my front teeth and now one of them looked like it was being cut in half. That was very disturbing and unfortunately I didn’t have the time to think about it and fix it like I did the first time.

Suddenly, I was back in the hotel room lying on my side (my mom’s bed behind me) and someone started spooning me. I knew my mom was in the room as well, so I assumed it was her. Then I remembered she was sleeping in a different bed and there was no reason for her to come and hug me in the middle of the night. The moment I realized that there was a stranger in my bed, he started whispering into my ear to go away while holding my back and shoulders so tight that I couldn’t move. I felt paralyzed from the waist up to the shoulders. My personal space was invaded, I panicked and I tried to shake him off but the more I resisted, the heavier his energy felt. After a while I got rid of him and woke up terrified and all sweaty. I desperately needed to see some light but I didn’t want to wake up my mom (it was about 1:30 am and we were supposed to get up soon) so I turned on my phone and started reading something just to clear up my head. My mom woke up anyway and asked me what was going on so I told her about my nightmare and turned on the lights. I must have looked pretty scared because she insisted on keeping the lights on until I felt ready to fall asleep again.

Interestingly, once I calmed down, I wasn’t afraid of the possible return of the negative entity or ghost (or whatever he was) because I felt that I was able to handle it when I was awake. The problem was he knew that. He found my weak spot, then he tested me, found out how to bring me out of alignment and then attacked me. Only my fear could feed his power. He was clever and I didn’t know how to protect myself under these circumstances. At that point I wasn’t sure, if he will come back to “play” again next time I start falling asleep. I asked my guide for help and he told me, I can and should deal with these fears by myself. I felt left alone for a moment bur ironically this made me feel better because it only meant I was really able to do whatever needed to be done. Then I remembered etoilerouge’s story (I think that could have been a hint from my guide but sometimes it’s hard to draw a line between my own thoughts and his help). Afterwards I decided to thank the negative entity for the lesson – he basically showed me some of my weak spots, which can be very useful. I filled my heart with gratitude, imagined the sad life that spirit must have had, entered my compassionate mode and finally fell asleep.

A week later I found myself in another old hotel in Sofia. This time I was with one of my best friends. We spontaneously decided to visit another friend of ours for two days, so we didn’t have much of a choice when booking the hotel. Furthermore, we didn’t really care about luxuries because we were about to stay there only for one night so we booked one of the cheapest options we had in the city centre. The building was at least 60-70 years old and it was pretty small. I could feel some strange mixed energy when I entered it and got a little nervous because I remembered the nightmare I had last time. My guide immediately reminded me of a video I had watched previously about living in a city and connecting with the different energies there. Every place has many layers of energy and we can always choose which one we want to connect to. Once I remembered that, doing it felt as simple as choosing a wifi network. The old hotel has been keeping some heavy energy for a long time but there was a layer of love and happiness, too. That night I set the intention to tap into the most joyful energy that room has ever experienced and slept like a baby.

It is nice to keep in mind that wherever you go, whatever you feel, there is always a layer of love waiting to be discovered and tuned into. Maybe not exactly a layer but some sort of a grid of creative energy that remembers all the nice things that happened there. Like a welcoming landlord who is always prepared to tell you an inspiring bedtime story about his property.

Image: Cover of the album “Балкантурист – София = Balkantourist – Sofia”

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Yay! <3 I'm so happy that my experience could help you out… especially when I know how scary it can be in the moment! You handled it like a complete pro, and your guide was right there with you the whole time. How awesome! I actually really like the tidbit you ended on–about how every space has layers of energy, and you can choose which you tap into at any given moment. I think subconsciously that's something I've known, but it made so much sense to me having you write it out–like duh! Thank you for that 🙂
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