One Of The Craziest Dream Sequences I’ve Ever Had

One Of The Craziest Dream Sequences I’ve Ever Had

The dream starts out with this scene where I am with some of these people from a football team buying like steel rods and other metal things from this old dimly lit convenient store. I am with a co-worker of mine too. As we are walking to our cars I find out one of the guys I am with stole something from the store. Some people get in his car and the rest get in mine. Then we hear the cops coming and I follow the other car. The guy driving the car that stole something guns it and tries to lose the cop by busting through a glass pane door of a long house and driving through to the other side. I follow him out of panic, and we bust through a bright light at the end of the house and crash our cars near my parents house on the other side. There is a helicopter nearby and we steal it. As I start flying, a cop helicopter starts to catch up to me and try to shoot me down with its psychedelic colored bullets. I swerve really well to dodge his bullets while I fly over a farm and past a corn field. Eventually he shoots us down and 3 grown men wearing suits and working for the secret government chase us down as we run through a forest to try to lose them. All five of us split up and of course two of the men chase after just me. They end up catching me but they are nice about it and offer to take me to this hidden alien refugee camp for some reason before the rest of their squad come to take me away to jail. I walk up to this trailer home park, and two aliens pop their head out of the window. They have a hybrid face and body of a stereotypical grey alien and the aliens from the movie “District 9”. They walk up to me. Their features cause an initial reaction of fear, but I tell myself that ETs are good-hearted beings. I give them an extremely timid peace sign with my fingers hoping this will show them that I mean no harm. They immediately smile and within seconds shed that illusion of an alien body I was looking at and become extremely bright and colorfully dressed human beings. This was unlike anything I have ever seen or felt before in a dream. They were glowing so bright with an assortment of white light and bright colors and emanating a powerful sense of love and knowingness . I could only make out one of the glowing being’s faces. It had a face of a mid-40s woman with the cheeks of a baby. She instantly told me “I need to learn to open up more”. I feel the impression of her words download to me in a fraction of a second showing me how to open up my chest and heart with love in my mind’s eye. I am not used to information transfer like that, though, so I don’t fully acknowledge that download I just got from her. She starts to walk away and I ask her timidly “How do I open myself up like you say”. She says again “Just open up”, and I get another downloaded impression in a fraction of a second in my energy body with her feeling that frustration you get when someone says “I just told you silly”. My alarm goes off and I wake up. I hit the alarm for a 20 minute snooze.

I keep my eyes closed as I wake up, though, to keep myself in limbo so I can go back into the dream easier. I then hear a voice saying Syrian higher self, or some combination of those words. I open my eyes to reality confused about what those three words were supposed to mean. No answer comes to me so I go back to sleep with the intention of going back to that same dreamscape for more.

I end up right where I was. This time I am looking at the edge of a suburban alien neighborhood with evergreen trees densely scattered throughout. This neighborhood is by far the most alien thing I have ever witnessed in a dream. The neighborhood is made up of a bunch of about 30 foot tall pyramids made out of dark colored alien looking metals. These pyramids are scattered amongst small, normal looking houses, with a density of about one pyramid to every two houses. I decide to look at this apartment complex to the left of the neighborhood. I see a darth vador costume in the window of a second story room. At first it seems like everyone left the neighborhood. Then, all of sudden, I am completely frozen in place by what what feels like someone using the force in star wars (go figure) to stop my energy body from moving. I can literally feel the vibrations around my skin as if it was happening in reality. Suddenly, I am gradually moved up into the air by the force, and I have no control to stop it. I am turned around to see 50-100 of these hybrid grey and district 9 aliens on the ground waving peace symbols back and forth as they move me up and down in the air. I gain some control of my body and give them a peace sign back in confusion because have no idea what else to do at that moment. I start to feel lighter and lighter as if they are about to spring me up in the air when my alarm goes off, and I wake up.

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