Operation Andromeda

Operation Andromeda

A couple of months ago I dreamt about being some kind of a space archaeologist. Before going on expedition, I clearly heard the word “Andromeda” in my head. Then I found myself on a planet that used to be the home of some civilization but everything was gone now. We (I was part of a crew) were checking two or three perfectly shaped rectangular holes in the ground and I had the feeling that those were graves. However, they were too deep to be graves and we didn’t find any bodies or traces of life forms. That was unexpected and for some reason I was concerned about it. I turned around and looked at the holographic wall behind me. I used that wall to make some calculations and telepathically started exploring different timelines at the same location to find out, what happened. Then I realized how cool it was that I was capable of switching between timelines so effortless and I guess that was the whole point of tuning into that operation because afterwards I found myself back on Earth with some people from work and the theme of the dream totally changed.

When I woke up I remembered that my childhood dream was to be an archeologist. Maybe somewhere I really am and wildly switching between timelines is a part of my daily routine! I got myself thinking, am I doing that on Earth as well?

The first time I listened to one of Bashar’s talks I felt really moved by the idea, that every moment is a new reality, so I decided to train myself to follow the path of least resistance. I started checking my emotional state as often as I could and every time I felt some sort of resistance, I was like “well, there must be something more exciting for me to do right now” and so I did. That exercise wasn’t always easy but it was so much fun when I got good at it! Even when I couldn’t predict, how I could possibly get out of the unpleasant situation, the only thing I had to do was to be playful and challenge the universe to create that space for me to move into the desired direction. In other words, prior to that dream, I was pretty convinced that I could choose a more pleasant timeline for me. However, I kept experiencing contrast, I kept noticing how my vibration “automatically” drops every now and then… Did I have moments of doubt? Frankly, I guess my human mind needed that little piece of Andromedan wisdom because moving forward in time is what we all do (all the time) and there is no real reference point so that we could prove we’ve consciously moved to a “better” timeline. On the other hand, the feeling of telepathically moving back and forth in time is quite the convincing memorable event!

Image: NASA Hubble Space Telescope

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Timeline manipulation is fascinating. A primary ingredient of creation.

It’s highly possible that this exact dream was you subconsciously actively switching timelines. Perhaps current, perhaps a memory.

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