Pig Hybrid Visions

Pig Hybrid Visions

I have recently been having encounters with Human-Pig hybrids and have been unable to actually find anything related to them that isn’t out of science fiction. So I’m posting this mainly to see if anyone else knows something more about them or can give me a species name or just some ideas where I can learn more about them. The dream portion might be considered dark or violent so here is my warning prior to you reading.

1st Encounter. So my first encounter was when I was in a deep meditation. I was on my back and could feel my energy lifting up from my body, floating just about a foot above me. I was approached by several groups of aliens all wearing black business suits but varying in race. The first group was three to five Greys that were around shoulder height. They walked into the room from outside of my house through a wall and surrounded my energy body. After what seemed to be about a half a minute of silence, the Greys walked back through the wall and a group of Reptilians walked in, replacing them. They stood around me , walked out, and were replaced by a group of Mantis-Human Hybrids. They were Human sized and structured but had the head and claws of a Mantis. After they stood around me for a time they were replaced by the Human-Pig Hybrids. Now when they stood around me, they held their hands underneath me and lifted me upright. I was directed through the wall that all the aliens had been coming out of. Once I got through the wall there was a white hallway with a row of white hanging pods on either side and the Pig People stored my energy body in one of the pods. The next thing I remember is just getting up off the floor and going about the rest of my day.

2nd Encounter. My next “encounter” with “Pig People” was a couple months later in a dream. In it, me and a few other people were invited to a weekend in a mansion owned by an extremely wealthy man who turned out to be a psychopath. There was a fat businessman, some kind of ex-military type man, a mother in about her 40s, and a survivalist/hunter man. We spent the first few days enjoying our time at the mansion just drinking and eating to our own content when eventually the mansion owner called us out into a spot in the forest where he told us that we had actually been chosen to be taking part in his hunt. He laid out the ground rules, stating that the hunt was to begin tomorrow and that he was the hunter and we were the prey. We were to be given swords and he was to be given a rifle. Then he took a severed pig head and placed it over his own so that he could,”See into the mind of the pigs to better understand his quarry.” Knowing now that we were to be hunted, I began telling the mother and the businessman everything I could to help them stay alive and tried to console and comfort them as best I could. The dream ended shortly after. Now, this isn’t directly an encounter with Pig People but the mansion owner was kind of talking as if we were “pigs” and I think it is in some way related.

3rd Encounter. My next encounter was the following day. I was doing a guided meditation, the First Contact meditation by Gigi Young. I was trying to determine my soul lineage. I was at one point having visions of flying through stars and Gigi said something akin to,”They are your family,”and I saw a flash of a family of Pig People. There was a mother and father, each with a hand on the shoulder of their daughter. They had a look of welcoming as if I was a friend or family member that had been returning after a time of separation. This one isn’t as intense as the others but I feel as if it confirms my relationship with them.

My theory is that in the first encounter they were doing some kind of ascension work on me, however I don’t know why the other races were there. The second one was possibly saying that me and/or the Pig People are being attacked or are in danger in some way. The third one is clearly just confirming that I am connected with them and explains why the mansion owner was referring to me as a pig. That’s all I have for now. I would really like to know whatever anyone else has in terms of information or similar experiences with these Human-Pig Hybrids. Thanks for your time, I wish whoever is reading this the best of luck.

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Firstly I will say that pigs are incredibly powerful animals. The “pink-piggy’s” we have selected for are nothing like their ancestors. Pigs are both hunter and hunted. They can be incredibly nasty and can digest practically anything – muscle, bone, tubers, roots, carrion – pig got bite. In fact a distant relative of theirs was a top predator/scavenger – have a look at Entelodont…and remember the hunted god is still a god; it may be a story but ‘The Lord Of the Flies’, a pig head on a stick, is a very potent god….maybe look at Hern the Hunter and… Read more »
I’ve learned some interpretations why Jews and Muslims are not eating pork. Well, it’s not all about the filthy meat of a pig. Some are interpreting the biblical sources that at some point humans were turned into pigs ’cause of sins, for example. On the other hand, my husband once told me, would eat a pig which can give a heart for transplant? The procedure is very hard to do and still, scientists are struggling with many issues but it’s something possible. I hope I gave a bit of food for thought. Even myself, I call often pigs in a… Read more »

Pigs are pretty well underestimated when it comes down to it. Pigs are actually more intelligent than we give them credit for. Pigs can be trained just as easily as a dog. Here is a site that might give you the answers you’re looking for: https://whatismyspiritanimal.com/spirit-totem-power-animal-meanings/mammals/pig-symbolism-meaning/#PigSymbolism
Hope this helps! <3


That photo got me crackin up! AHAHAHAHAH!!! Thanks for the share!

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