Pleiadian Guide?

Pleiadian Guide?

Hey there, so I did a meditation session 2 days ago, my first in a long time, I really wanted to connect to an ET guide/being. I am very doubtful of what I experienced but I will tell the story now.

I met what I assumed was a Pleiadian, he said he was Pleiadian, and he said he knew me from a past life, He had long white hair that glowed and very sharp features like a square jaw, he was gentle but also quite masculine in appearance, I tried to push away getting a Pleiadian because I knew that is exactly what I wanted to see, I am very doubtful when it comes to meditations I always think it’s my imagination whenever I meet a being or go anyway in my visualisation time. I want to believe it was real and he really is one of my guides, the name I got for him was ‘Ardvah’ or ‘Arvah’, is this a Pleiadian name? it’s just the name I got, I am looking for some validation from others about this, as that would help me move forward with this experience.

Thank you for reading, blessings! 🙂

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hey Reeceel Varyen such a great post! even though I’ve had contact with various guides and ETs, for longest time I doubted it and had the same thoughts of imagination. Like perhaps I read something online and it must be coming through in subconscious messaging. I mean its hard to work around this construct of how our brains compartmentalize reality. I try and tell my mental 3D body to go take a kitkat break and let me feel into the higher vibrational experience I just had. When I was in a huge doubtful phase, other people who channel I met… Read more »

Great post, and great response, guys! 😉

Hello, My Pleiadian awakening occurred exactly at this time as well. I had done no research/ knew nothing about the Pleiades before Nov. 17th. I won’t go into detail, but the entire event was immediately validated based on my not having any previous knowledge as well as the fact that all the info surrounding this felt like truth in my heart, no doubt. I found out a few days later that this exact time of year is one of the Pleiadian alignments, where communication with this star system is at its pinnacle: Ask your heart, not your mind, in… Read more »

Beautiful story. They have given us energy for so long.

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