Reptilian Portal

Reptilian Portal

I’ve been going through a Kundalini awakening since 2010 and between then and the year 2014 I developed clairvoyant sight in order to be able to see astral entities and other spiritual beings with my physical eyes. I was going to sleep one evening when something compelled me to open my eyes again, I did so with very slow heavy eyes due to being almost asleep and then what I saw was a reptilian-humanoid being looking directly back at me from behind some sort of blue energy portal of light. I only looked at it for a few seconds before I blinked again and the spiritual vision had disappeared from view. However, these few seconds felt like an eternity. I got to see this beings head in full detail, it had sinister green shaded eyes like a crocodile, smooth scales over its face like the underbelly of a crocodile and a jaw that spanned from one side of its face to the other. It looked like it was smiling, but it didn’t feel friendly. The next day I realised my memory had been altered because when I tried to recall the experience I saw the picture of an iron on top of the clothes rack I keep in the same position, but it was unmistakable what happened. No amount of memory tampering was going to undo what I had seen.

This pencil sketch by somebody is the only true likeness picture of it that I’ve seen, all the rest are either Hollywood creations or different species of reptilian. The fact it’s in pencil also tells me that someone else has also seen one rather than imagined or designed it in a software package.

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It’s no fun when you run across one of these things.

I like your description of the memory being another object in the same position. I have experienced this a lot with all manner of supernatural experiences. Most notably, my memory reshaped a ghost into just being the white dress that was hanging up behind it and “moving because the vent must have been blowing it.” This doesn’t seem directly tampered with – it’s like my brain was trained to stay in hyper beta/strong logical left brain in order to automatically discount my experiences! I wonder if ETs can implant this kind of tendency in order to override all memory?? I… Read more »
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