This is a short call for need! My ascension process went terrible wrong when it started around January 2016. After being attacked by Negative Aliens especially Reptilians I am now in a very dark place. I need a great deal of healing.

I tried to contact extraterrestials and they are trying to help me but it is blocked by these negative entities! I am dealing with alien implants.

Is there somebody who can help me?


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At this point I can only recommend trying to find out what their plan is with you and what their end goal is. In order to counter the strategy of an enemy, you first need to know what it is. However me saying this might compromise this tactic for obvious reasons.

Failing that, do you at least know what kind of implants they are using? On the surface, this usually infers mental experimental observation.


From my experience this can be a very long answer. I came to the site today to write about one of my experiences with reptilians as it turns out, and saw your story on the side. Hope what I write helps you, as what you wrote put the thoughts better to highlight needed points.


Hi Emanuel, I’d like to ask how do you know if they are negative? I can give you advice on my experiences with negative beings and give you insights. I as well have implants.

They can only attack you if you allow them to. From what I understand, it is up to you to claim your personal power and sovereignty and to banish them. This is a free-will universe and you can only be attacked if you allow others to attack as you play the role of victim. Once you choose to liberate yourself and tell them to go away in love and light because you have free will and they cannot infringe on that, then they should go away. We are used to looking outside of ourselves for answers and help when we… Read more »
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