Scary Happy Experience In The Sky. Damn, That Was Loud!

Scary Happy Experience In The Sky. Damn, That Was Loud!

Well, at that time I was just wondering if I can make a contact with UFO s in the sky. But I did something with that and when that happened, almost pissed my pants. Really. That was so cool. Ok. That was a night during winter months. Full moon was reflecting light like a boss. Stars were twinkling. No rain, no snow falling down, no wind. Perfect night for a walk in the meadows. Landscape. Land. Yes, land. And so, I was hanging around, not feeling well. I was sad, depressed, felt deep craving for love inside. With earphones and linkin park music in my ears, I was having a party on my own and my dogs. Any other human was around and I went more and more far from my home. So like as a very genius smart person as I am I assumed, or maybe more accurately, silently expected that my waves that I did with my short hands,  get ET attention.

So I did that over and over again, here and there, then danced again, singed a bit, then wawe again, spontaneously. And the moment was.. I put my hands together like in a prayer more And told with my voice ” hey, please, my star family, if you exist, and if you love me, please, give me sign, show up! ” And yup I did that. Then I did a little dance again , no expectations they say – I told myself in the end and that thing happened. With a strong sound, a buzz, higher than a forest, not very far from my home, a huge two color stripe appeared, orange and pink melted together and stood in one place.. that was the wtf moment. I didn’t know what that was, I never seen anything like that in this country.. I am not sure it that was aliens, but still I was impressed how accidents can happen..

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Well, if it wasn’t a UFO or something, it at least seem to be a synchronicity 😛


That’s amazing. Have you tried to contact them since? You might be able to reach them in meditation or other states. They obviously wish to interact with you, and you with them.

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