Snowflake Spaceships

Snowflake Spaceships

Since I’m little I’ve experienced encounters. I used to see this feminine being, all bright and white watching on me when I was a child. I then disconnected myself from this while growing up.
My life experience has been a lot about letting go of my fear and acceptance of all what is.

My dreams has always been and still are very vivid. They have a huge importance in my life as this is how I can connect without fear. I’ve seen myself giving birth to my hybrid child, I’ve seen the Greys, I’ve experience their experiments on me, I’ve since some few spaceships… So many dreams about this topic that it would be too much to recall them all.

In this physical reality, I’ve also had interactions while watching the sky. Once it really got close, and interacted with so many bright colorful lights in the sky, attracting a spiral of clouds on top of our house. We were 5 of us watching this amazing event. The alarms went off, animals were all excited, dogs were barking, even some ducks I was not aware we had next to the house started to make their noises, the electrical wires were making sparkles… This was an unexpected magnificent experience. It was for me this feeling navigating between excitement and huge fear.

This time, I feel inspired to connect here with you so maybe someone could help me identify what beings came into my dreams. I dreamed about 3 (which is also my life path number) big snowflake shape spaceships. They were very close, white, with bright yellow lights. I thank them for the connection and I seemed very at peace and excited at the same time.
Then the magnetic of the planet was very strong and it made a lot of huge waves, fire on the land due to the electricity interferences. Big ships were attracted to the beach from the waves, they did not have any signals anymore, some where sinking… I’ve also lost my partner in this dream, which was very intense. I remember calling upon my guides and asking them to help me go through this with ease. Which is a first time for me to call them in my dreams. I even called them twice. Since this, I’ve never felt that connected to my guides than now. Which I have no idea who they are actually.

Since few days my visuals and hearings started to become more sharp than before. I’m not really a person that takes time to meditate, sitting quietly. I do occasionally. Although I thinks I’m going to start doing it more. Because it’s more quiet at night, it seems that it is the time when all of this is more available to me and this is also when I get a bit scared. I know this fear is only showing this intense excitement I have on this topic. For long I was putting my intention to connect more deeply. And here I am putting my trust in the process.

Blessings to all.

Thank you for sharing, it feels good to read and lean about your own experiences.

With infinite love and gratitude,


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“Big ships were attracted to the beach from the waves, they did not have any signals anymore, some where sinking…”. This part reminds me of a dream I had: near the shore. First the Sun fell (it turned out to be an egg, and was partially eaten by a dog that happened to be nearby), so the ships at sea were without light. There was a terrible feeling of melancholy coming from the ships. We see Thor (as he has been depicted in the recent films), with a child on his shoulders. A voice disturbingly clear and ubiquitous is heard… Read more »
Hi Caroline, Thank you for sharing your story. To me, I feel like this dream was about the future landing of the Lumerians on our planet. I have recently been reading a lot about it from a woman named Suzanne Lie who has been chanelling the Arcturian race for decades. Apparently a day will come that they will arrive on earth in their star ships. I am almost finished reading her book called “Preparing for First Contact: Landing in a Frequency Near You”. In this book she channels the Arcturians and Plaiedians and explain all of this. I think it… Read more »
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