Stars Through The Cherry Blossom

Stars Through The Cherry Blossom

This is the story of my experience connecting with a space craft back in 2009.

I was 23, living in Boston. I was going to university and had recently gone through some hard times. My life was kind of a mess. Spiritually, I was seeking relentlessly but I was in a very mental phase. I would read a lot about metaphysics and play around with them on an intellectual level, but I wasn’t able to integrate them emotionally, so of course I never felt satiated by the information.

So, on Easter night 2009 I’m at my then-boyfriend’s house. I was on my own in that part of the country, my family in other states. He and his friends were playing video games and I was really, really bored. To pass the time, I would go smoke cigarettes on the front stoop, look at the stars, and ponder.

At the time, I was especially fascinated by the idea that space and time are only tools, created by our minds, in order to interpret this reality, thereby making space and time.. illusions. I almost just wrote “this dimension” instead of “this reality,” but I didn’t even think about dimensions back then.

So this is what I was thinking about while sitting on the stoop. And I was playing this game where I was really trying to let this idea sink in. I wanted to feel it fully, to the point of it becoming real *for me* and not just some idea floating in my awareness. And as I’m playing this thought game, I’m sort of staring at these two stars through the branches of a cherry blossom tree in the front yard. They were just something to look at while I thought.

Then, an idea occurred to me. If time and space aren’t real, then there is nothing separating *Me* from whatever is *Out There.*

As soon as this thought occurred, I noticed a small dot of light, like a third star, in between the two stars I had been previously staring at and I thought, “That’s weird. I’ve been staring at those two stars this whole time, you’d think I’d have noticed a third.

A few seconds later, this small dot of light was 10 times bigger. Then 50 times bigger. Then a million times bigger!! Next thing I know… there is a giant craft right above my head. It took maybe 5 seconds to go from a tiny dot in the sky, to a gigantic ship right above my head. And it was totally silent. No sound at all.

My mind went totally still, and I just looked at it. It paused for maybe two or three seconds and then slowly moved back behind the house. I didn’t follow it, or even stand up to watch it go away. I wish I had.

Some details: It was about 100 feet above me. I believe this because the distance between it and the roof of the house it passed over was not very great.

It was saucer shaped, with a rim of warm golden light around the perimeter. I like to think they were windows. I only saw the bottom of it, not the top. To describe the bottom, the center was a bit darker than the area around it, suggesting that it was concave. The rest was a lighter silver. So, a concave center with an upwards slant toward the outer edges. And it was very smooth- no grooves or ridges in the material.

At the time, I didn’t feel fear, but as it started to move back behind the house, I did feel a little defensive. I wasn’t able to sense who they were. So as it was leaving I felt I should send it a thought. I sent them the idea that even though they were way cooler than us, humans should be treated with kindness and dignity, as we are all in this together.. as evidenced by the fact of their being right above my head, and sharing my reality.

Now, I’m *pretty* sure they already knew this and I *really* regret sending that. I wish I could have just sent them love. I mean JEEZ they came all the way down to show themselves to me after hearing my THOUGHT, mind blowing validation and all. And all I do is get on my little human soap box. But I just wasn’t capable of embodying that frequency of love and awareness at that time :*( Sorry Star Family. Sending them gratitude helps soften this old regret.

Once they were gone, I thought, “How am I supposed to react to this?” Should I pass out or something? Run inside and tell everyone? Well, I just sat there. I guess I didn’t want to muddy the experience. And how was I supposed to go back inside to such a mundane reality? Well, I did manage it. And life was pretty ordinary for about 7 years, at least up until this past eclipse.

I wish I could learn who they are, and why they gave me such a gift. As my cosmic consciousness grows, it really is a tremendous blessing to have had such a grounded experience. Don’t get me wrong. Over the next few years I definitely went through a difficult integration process. Almost like the stages of grief, minus the denial. I felt like, why show me and then just disappear? But I did finally reach a point of acceptance and gratitude. It helped to think of it kind of like catching a glimpse of a blue whale, or seeing an eclipse, or the experience of any other rare and beautiful phenomenon.


A part of me wonders if my thoughts at the time were being transmitted through the stars I was staring at. Or if the beings themselves orchestrated the whole thing by sending me the idea that coincided with their appearance. Unfortunately I don’t know which stars they were.

If anyone has any information or can point me towards avenues of learning about these beings, I would be so, so grateful. I think I may have connected via The First Contact Meditation but I’m not sure if the being I connected with was associated with the ship I saw.

Much, much love

Image Credit: batlounii_14 / Instagram

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Hi, Starjoy. Enjoyed your story. If I were you this is what I would do. Imagine the ship or recall feeling of those being in your head and start talking to them ( talking in your head) Obviously they can hear your thought. No matter where they are. Since you have met them that means your vibrational frequency match with their’s. That means you can communicate with them on your own. Just trust whatever you hear. if your hear their response. Ask all questions. If you don’t hear them in this way then use GiGi’s meditation or whatever the way… Read more »
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