Stepping Into Understanding

Stepping Into Understanding

Hey y’all!

I just wanted to share a quick story that might be helpful to another, regarding coming into understanding who your guides are when they come in… as I’m learning all the time! Recently I had some major life shifts and felt very strongly a new guide coming in on my left during meditations. This energy was Super strong and came with cool wind and epic feels.

I went to a group meditation and after, the leader told me that Archangel Gabriel was with me. I was confused as I have never been exposed to much religion, and certainly not the archangels- but agreed to look up the things he represented, which was interesting but still felt surface.

Then the guide started sharing with me very strong geometric shapes and merkabas… crazy clear in my field of vision while waking or meditating. I looked up the meaning and related much together. As I sat with it all one day, “archangel” turned into “arcturian” and everything came together in such clarity.

I don’t think I could have believed an arcturian energy was sitting with me. I had to be led into it gradually, and as my own research and mind opened, clarity came in. Now I am so happy to have that energy a part of me!
It’s been my experience that we are only given what we can handle or understand. I’m excited for all the things still waiting to be opened!

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Beautiful experience! Thank you for sharing!

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