That Alien Can Bite!!!

That Alien Can Bite!!!

During spring, I was a bit sick. Not wanting to go to school but I was happy to lie down in bed of my school hostel room. At night, I was chatting with one guy on Facebook who is my good friend now. Back then I was so insecure, thinking, oh no, this cute guy would never like meeee…Don’t listen to that negative voice! : )

Ok back to the point, we were chatting until 1 am of night. Then started to sleep, without any clothes on my body. And the party started on astral. I hear weird sounds weird buzz..

I recognise only my consciousness, I open my eyes, and I see big grey head big , huge black eyes looking at me! Omg I cannot believe what I see. I try to focus some more..

There’s another grey alien! And it’s not cool comfortable experience! I heard how they talk. I was scared (as usual). :\ omfg. I could not move property. But with my right hand I reached one of greys head and touched it! That was so light like a dolphin skin. Ok I thought it was ENOUGH for ME OF THAT!! I said to them “bye bye!!”, Quickly closed my eyes and tried to do the teleport thing.

But Naaaah. It did not worked. I was pulled back , and saw how one grey babbled with his speaking organs , and bitten my nose! Ouch! And then I was like fallen down from four meters height into my bed. Jeesus.. and hardly woken up, looked at watch, it was 3:33 am and I’m immediately told everything to that new friend I met on Facebook. Crazy..! 😀

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