The Castle

The Castle

I’ve had many astral travels and one experience really stuck with me. At times I get this feelings like I have to go to sleep right away and like I have something important to do. I passed out once and went on this interesting journey. I dont remember how I got here but all of a sudden I am standing behind a curtain of a large crystal window. I watch people walk by me. Some people seem to be staff some dressed in fine robes and dresses. I seemed to be invisible to the ones passing by. Then I saw him. A tall, slender, elderly man appeared before me. He had the finest robes of them all and a radiance of purple energy dancing around him. He was majestic and the king. I felt this sense of awe and comfort. Then he turned to me and noticed me hiding. He was with a few others. He leaned in to tell them to go on in without him and that he would be close behind. He waved at a few “staff” members. They were dressed in all white and seemed to be doing important tasks. He waited until all clear then he told the guard to shut down the main hall. The guard stepped out and he glided over to me surprised to see me. He asked me “how did you get in here?” I replied “wait you can see me?” He smiled and said “Yes I can. And you shouldn’t be able to get in here. You need to be cleansed. Now come with me.” I followed him down the large hall. It was vibrant with banners and all kinds of regal decorations. He pushed open the very tall, geometrically patterned arched doors. There was a circle of people sitting and chatting. In some kind of royal panel type format. Kings and queens throne. They all became silent as he lead me to these chairs. He touched the queens chair and glanced back to me. I stayed at the bottom of the steps staring in confusion. He said “Do you remember yet?” I did not but it all felt so familiar. He said “I am your father. Its time for you to start.” I replied “start what?” He smiled and said “All with good time.” He walked over to this gentleman’s chair and they spoke to quietly for me to hear. The king spoke “Go with him and don’t be seen.” He lead me through this massive castle. once outside I noticed the castle was above the clouds. I couldn’t see the ground. It just felt like it was floating. There was a buffet deck where the people ate together. He lead me down the stairs of stone surrounded by mist. The ground here was strangely dry and volcanic like. There was a stone monument with 3 crystal obelisks. The person that lead me there apologized and said he had to leave. Once by myself standing at the center the crystals lit up and created a triangular formation. Energy like electricity from a Tesla coil surrounded me. I could feel it drawing the negative energy out of me. And I heard the voice of a female telepathicly. She said “you are being stripped of your mistakes and and negative energy. This will only hurt for a minute.” I could feel it pulling the hurt out of my heart and sending it down into the ground through the crystals. I started to feel relief and then after that unconditional love. She said “you have done well daughter. Its time for you to go back now and rest.”

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Esma. Wow. Have you remembered more since this journey? Or had any synchronicities with this story in any way? Powerful, powerful stuff.


This is Beautiful!

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