The Girl And The Telepathic Thought Amulet

The Girl And The Telepathic Thought Amulet

This is one of those general dream state affairs of a typical personified encounter though in this instance I’m not sure if it was a dream of spiritual nature or a dream about spirituality. Some could argue they are one in the same.

To rehash the title, there was this girl who wore this amulet around her neck. The main noticeable features I remember of her was that she had long black hair and wore a white shirt with either black or brown trousers / pants. We were sitting at a table for most of it so I’m not too sure. I also sensed spiritual and alien energy to her.

The Amulet itself was dark gold and triangular but curved without any corners and slightly bulky. In the center was a resonance orb that typically glows blue but sometimes purple. It actually looked like one of those triangular switches from Beyond Good and Evil but the shapes are reversed. Ironically, she also used it to open similar door switches. except only the frames themselves were triangular and the glowing switch itself was circular, the same as the amulet.

The first that I can remember was that we were in what looked similar to a back storage room of a supermarket, but it was small. It was dark, mainly because it was late evening and had grey walls and there were a few storage boxes around the room. At the back of the room which wasn’t far from our current position was a door with said door switch from earlier. The girl proceeded to take off the amulet from around her neck and place it onto the switch akin to placing a key card on it.

Next I remember we were sitting at a table at the end as we sat on a corner adjacent to each other. I wasn’t really sure of the whole point of this though we were kinda having a general spiritual chat but I remember that the mechanics of this amulet “device” was that if I needed to explain something which I couldn’t do coherently verbally, she would take off this necklace and place it on my forehead, right where the third eye is. and my thoughts would go into it which made it glow purple and she was able to interpret it. Upon waking up, I realized that if modified, this amulet could have been used as a chakra amplification device as well (or possibly is anyway). This would make sense as when it glowed blue, it was close to the throat chakra of the same color / colour and went purple upon direct contact with the third eye. If I remember it did glow green at one point as well. Why she didn’t put it directly on my throat chakra to amplify that, I have no clue, but she specifically chose the forehead / third eye which sources telepathic thought so makes some sense. When this happened I could hear my thoughts going into the amulet as I was syncing to it.

Despite everything, the main focus seemed to be the amulet itself and what it’s supposed to represent. That’s what I want to know.

For visual reference:
Amulet Color / Colour:

Amulet Shape. (Just some website I found that shows you how to draw a curved triangle. Just scroll to the bottom):

The image above is what the orb itself looks like but just imagine it light blue. Just got that from google images.

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