The Initiation.

The Initiation.

The first awakenings started over a year ago. It has been a series of intense trials sprinkled with magic and abundant gifts. Here is one of the first.

It began with the Castaneda books, I dove so deep within them reading every line as if I was on some treasure hunt. I remember coming across this threshold within the book where I knew some piece of information was going to crack the foundation from which I stood. My eyes darted across the page and read: “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos, and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. ” I paused and knew this was what I had been searching for.

Within that very instant, a sinister smile seemed idle in the background and suddenly the feeling of being etherically punched in the heart with the most intense fear I have ever felt in my life. It was like this being was watching me, perhaps my whole life waiting for this moment and it struck me with the hardest blow. There was nothing I could really do at this point but lay there, with the fear, with my reality nearly failing out from underneath me.

For weeks after, I tried to avoid the event that made everything crumble and that feeling but I could not escape it. This intense fear followed me at every turn, when I tried to meditate it was like being blasted with detrimental fear from outside my vessel. I began to question if this fear was my own and felt deeply that it was not.

That night, I sat on the recliner in my home when loving blue eyes appeared before me, it was a beautiful crystal like blue being. I felt so relaxed and let my head rest, I knew they were doing something to my crown, and then the fear emerged even more…

The voice began to say “That is not your friends, its reptilians and they are implanting you so you fall” The TV started to chime in and speak of the End Times which is something this being tried to scare me of often. I tried my best to calm myself, I knew this was a test of some sort, this was not the truth. So I spoke and said “This is a lie, you are a lie.” Then the being stepped forth literally into my body so I could feels its entirety.

it was the most evil, nasty, grossest thing you can imagine, I was mortified that something like this could exist. I ran to my bed and crawled in the fetal position, just listening to my breath. I was thinking of how horrible this being was, how disgusting and how I needed to kill it or something….but that voice faded. I started to realize that if this being is coming to me, nagging me with all its might, it must be desperate, it must see me as the light and the liberator. I began to say out loud, I am sorry you’re so afraid, I know you have come here to be saved.

A gold light started emerging in my mind, I realized that I had wings, I felt these wings engulf this being and then a surge of Ancient Egyptian energy ran through my whole body, everything felt like electric “egyptian gold,” The being was gone, and this seemed to mark the beginning of Egypt playing a great theme in my life which I am forever grateful for.

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Weird? I was listening to this interview today ( where Will Glover and channel host Denny Hunt discuss the Don Juan books and the impact they had on their lives, immediately before reading your story here. I swear I am not making this up, lol,


I was remote viewing recently and found a female reptillian, probably draco, who was preying on females. At some point it likes to get control of them.

I’m also lately learning about wings like you mentioned, but these tie back to ancient Greece instead of egypt, and there is apparently a quite a few of those winged human type beings still around.

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