The Meltdown That Didn’t Happen

The Meltdown That Didn’t Happen

I’ve got a terrible day job. I won’t get into details, it’s not really relevant.

I’d gotten out of bed one morning and couldn’t stop thinking about how irrational my job was and how ridiculous and .. how I just couldn’t solve the massive problem it had become. After some time of simply sitting down .. getting worked up, I tried to stop myself. I couldn’t stop my mind from circling around the same ideas. “That guy really screwed that up” .. “My boss ignores me, treats me like trash”, so on and so forth. There was simply no rational solution because the conditions of my job belie reason, ergo my rational assault on the problems was going nowhere .. just circling around.

So I decided to meditate, to try to calm my mind. It helped a little, it slowed it down but I still cycled through the same terrible, destructive thoughts. Over and over again. The more I thought, the more the thoughts fed themselves. I couldn’t stop them. I was about to overload .. to have a mental collapse of some sort, a stroke.

Then a person came to me through the Astral. A very strong looking, fit masculine man dressed in nothing but a simple woolen shift from shoulder to thigh. It might have been goat’s wool? It was patterned and had embroidered twisted white rope over both shoulders and down the front. Tethered in front with a whipcord belt. He had shoulder length chocolate brown hair and tanned white skin. He was leaning into me, but his face was turned away .. he was trying to hide his face from me. His entire body was physically fit, like someone who spent his time doing honest labour. He reached his pointed index finger out toward my forehead and touched me on the third eye.

It very much reminded me of the image of man reaching out to god on the roof of the sistine chapel. A wave of positive energy ran through my brain and down my body to fill me completely. It cleared my thoughts and halted my destructive mental patterns for long enough for me to stop thinking about all of these problems with my job. It gave me a chance. It was a chance I gratefully took.

Since then I’ve been far more cautious about what I think about, far more aware of when I’m thinking about my job and chasing negative thought patterns. I’ve got no doubt that this man saved my life.

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