The Moving Gardens

The Moving Gardens

Probably about time I talked about this one. I’ve kinda eluded to it in past posts in the forum and comments though now I’m seeing more of a pattern to it’s relevance.

This is a dream I had nearly 2 months ago. Can’t remember where it started. I just remember I was standing in a dark enchanted like swamp-esque sorta garden. The picture here is the closest representation I could find to it. It was at night and there was another being with me yet she kept appearing and disappearing in the same spot as she floated beside me. She looked like she was some kind of spooky ghost but not scary. I could almost see right through her translucency as she was surrounded by light misty or aura-like energy. She seemed calm and my mind was eluding that she was probably a spirit guide. If I remember correctly, she was in brown and partly tattered clothing. I was told this was called “The Maxim gardens” of the planet of the same name.

In front of me there was a large square patch of mud, or dirt where tall thick moving vines were moving and burrowing, the ground itself within the patch was liquidy, almost like water or quicksand. Some tentacle vines rose and dived like dolphins burrowing back into the ground while others reached high and started moving and wiggling about. For some reason I decided to grab one, but it didn’t feel sharp like vines would with their nettles, more like soft and.. furry? – as it tried to wiggle in my arms. It was about the same body width as mine, except for the arms.

Afterwards we then left without any memory of how and ended up on some kind of space station with a lion / Lyran being where this dream goes a lot more bizarre. probably above the garden planet. In short, we transported to in the middle of an orbital skirmish and all I know and remember that there was these automaton soldiers who weren’t very friendly. I barely remember anything else after that.

To this day, I still don’t know what any of it means.

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Ok here are a few intuitive hits I got: Your “guide” can be understood by looking into the tarot trump “The Star” and the Princess Of Disks. The Princess explains the garden below, The Star the scene above. Yet both are one, just from a different perspective. As above, so below and vice versa. From the mud and quicksand spring living vines that Jack can use as a “beanstalk” to climb into the clouds, if he so wish… Lion vs The Tin Man? I think most of us can relate to that, Dorothy 🙂 P.S. this is all just my… Read more »
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