The Other Earth

The Other Earth

As I opened my eyes I saw about 30 people around me. At first no one paid attention to me until a man pointed at me and said: “look at her eyes, look how green they are”. I was maybe two times taller than the crowd and my eyes we indeed very bright green, there was something watery about them it’s really hard to describe it. Anyway, I was very happy to be there and people were surprised but happy to see me, too.

Then I moved to a different location and I found myself in the human body I’m now. I was taking care of some children and I was about to go on vacation. I wanted to spend the holidays with my family (I have no idea what holidays). It was all going so well until I found out, I didn’t have plane tickets. Actually I had bought one but I didn’t receive the conformation e-mail so I had no idea, whether I really had it or not. Then I remembered something more important – I wasn’t just abroad, I was on a different planet. It looked a lot like Earth but the atmosphere was nothing like the one we have here. It was very clean and clear, the quality of the air was absolutely amazing. The climate was pretty constant throughout the year – it was something like spring or summer all the time, very sunny but not too hot. Only a small area was populated and the rest of the planet remained untouched by human hand. The planet was very green, peaceful and full of children and a small amount of adults were supposed to take care of them.

I got very confused because I felt like I’ve been there forever and yet I knew I had a life on the other Earth as well. All my friends and relatives had stayed there even though the planet was very dirty and the air was heavy. My co-worker believed you can come and go whenever you want to because there was an airplane connecting the two planets. I didn’t believe her. She told me she was going to visit her family just like me and disappeared but I was still confused. Did she really go there? And if it was so easy to travel, why did all those people choose to stay on the other planet? And how can a regular airplane leave a planet and fly to another one? I desperately tried to book tickets (three times) and every time the price of the ticket was 700 (I didn’t know the currency) but I still couldn’t leave. I didn’t know why. I didn’t believe in the existence of that airplane but I kept making reservations and receiving messages from the company asking me, why I keep booking tickets. I spent a week trying to figure out, what was going on. Both planets were in close proximity to each other but not everyone was aware of that. At times I would simply observe them, wondering about my life, about the choices people make, about the kids living on the “better” Earth.
I woke up and my first thought was “Hey, I work with kids in my “real” life, too”.


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Wow! Thank you so much for sharing us very interesting story. Is this different Earth maybe 5D pararel earth???? What is your thought?

Thank you for sharing. Interesting that you wrote “And if it was so easy to travel, why did all those people choose to stay on the other planet” I am wondering more and more about this. Looking at my choices, why I chose to stay on Earth for the lifetimes that I have, knowing that I have a choice. I wonder about my ancestors and why they chose to live the way they did. Maybe the programming was so deep that they didn’t know that they had a choice. And if there are multiple realities, why not leave certain “realities”… Read more »
Inka: the choice to move, from one lower-vibe (for lack of a better term) place to a higher vibe one, with one’s biological family occupying the former and, some other definition of family the latter, is one I can speak to as I am literally in the process of doing so. In a couple weeks come hell or high water I’ll be re-locating to a place that feels like…well let’s just say that upon leaving the general area (which I visited for the second time last week), I feel like one of those deep sea fish look like they feel… Read more »

For the sake of clarity, this is something like what I had in mind when I wrote “I feel like [what] one of those deep sea fish look like they feel when they’re brought up from the ocean bottom: deflated”

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