The Other Worlds

The Other Worlds

I have always wanted the experience of going into a deep meditation or astral traveling the cosmos. Yet that never happened to me in the way that I imagined.

Recently I feel as if I am living in another dimension or what they call… “their realm.”

When I first went into a deep meditation, a giant image of an old Native American man popped out at me. I quickly passed it off as nothing. Perhaps a subconscious desire from a film.

But as time passed things got a bit stranger, my entire world slowly morphed into what feels like another land. I don’t really see clouds in the sky anymore, but gnomes smiling back. Giant viking men in the the trees.

Little sweet creatures showing off their young ones to me, and I do all of this smiling at the floor. It’s quite a 2D experience as in the beings that surround me are like pictures that paint over all things.

They also live inside me…that was a shocker to find. As I come closer to the truth I can feel them rattle my body saying “Yes!” to all my meandering questions.

The other strange events that take place is when I am high on marijuana. My whole ceiling and floor turns into a giant hologram of various dimensions.

Now I understand where cartoons come from in a way. They’re all downloaded from these other realms of the most kindest looking creatures. So many realms surround us. Some with fierce tribe-like humans that have a strange star mark on their right eye, some with furry humanoid creatures. Above all they share a funny air to them.

I just wanted to share this because I haven’t met an awakened soul that sees things the way I do. I’ve met many that encountered random entities and aliens-that can visit other worlds. Some can summon these beings, but they seem to be exploding in my reality all over the place.

I tended to think that all awakened archetypes are the same, but people keep telling me that I am a Shaman. I don’t really have an answer for that, but I’d love to hear anyone’s input if they’ve shared similar experiences!

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Since I was a child I’d normally see faces in things, especially wood and trees. Through research, everything points to me being a Shaman/healer. I too yearn for the experience of going into “deep” meditation or astral travel/project but I seem to experience everything but. It seems those who are not open to certain experiences are usually the ones they come to. I’m on an indefinite hiatus from marijuana as I’ve for the most part been able to enter that state of being without it. Also I do dream often, in which I can normally determine is a part of… Read more »
I can’t seem to go deep into the astral meditation either. Not yet, anyway. You posting this reminds me of when I was a little girl. I would search for gnomes in holes in the ground and I would catch eye of little creatures I had never seen or recognized before. They were odd and fascinating to me. I always searched to find these creatures,. fairies as well. I felt I knew they were real and there was no shaking it. I too, as Cintury said, see faces in things everywhere and have my whole life. Very interesting topic I… Read more »
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