The Ship To Lemuria

The Ship To Lemuria

Hi! All! I am new here! I wanted to share my stories I remembered through “Reconnection” session and past live regressions.

During reconnection session, I had a very clear vision of the earth. I was looking at the earth from the ship. was on the ship of Ashtar. He looks like professor Dumbledore of Harry Potter/ Santa Clause. On the ship, there was Archangel Michael, Jesus and 2 other members who are from different planets and me.

I was asked if I want to go to earth or continue to stay on the ship. I said yes because I missed “home.” Because the planet my soul was from was gone.

I saw a clear vision of the blue planet with sky and ocean. There is a moon-like planet that works as an energy adjustment device to harmonize our planet during the day. People lived under the ocean but once you go into the ocean, there is no longer ocean but green peaceful village. There’s male and female but All had long hair blonde and tall and look a like. It was peaceful planet but it was lost. ( no memory of why)

They knew my feeling of missing “home.” So I decided to move to earth.

I freaked out because I had no interested in Aliens and thought my soul was originated from earth.

Anyhow, prior to that,I had past live regression and I thought my “1st” soul past memory was Lemuria.

I was in the white greek looking temple like the place in the sky and I was a priestess there. There were others. Our job was to create living beings on earth. So we created the Lemurian on the land. We played the role of priestess and teacher to pass on our knowledge and technologies to them. People lived peacefully and it was heaven on earth.

The last regression part was I was watching the end of Lemuria. People are in wars and getting killed. The continent of Lemuria was going down too. Even though we were the priestess of Lemuria, we could not do anything to stop what’s going on. All I would do was to each the downfall. It was heartbreaking and I felt powerless.

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Thank you for sharing!

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