The Silver Kids

The Silver Kids

I got this vision while trying to nap on an airplane. Suddenly, I found myself looking at two kids walking side by side, talking to each other. I got the feeling they were coming back from school. I couldn’t tell whether they were wearing clothes but their whole bodies looked like they were made of silver. Head to toe! Their skin had very unusual texture and a metallic glow. Their bodies were humanoid, rather small. They didn’t have any hair but some formations on their heads that looked like crowns. I think I wasn’t supposed to see them because the moment they noticed me, they looked a little frightened and the vision disappeared.

A couple of years ago I asked my mom to give me something to read and while looking for one particular book she found a picture I drew when I was little. There were maybe about ten creatures on that drawing and they all had heads shaped like stars. I thought they were very beautiful and I was surprisingly happy to see them! Back then I wasn’t into ET stuff so I just spent some time looking at them with amazement and then put the drawing back in the book. When I think about it now, they definitely looked like one big ET family. Some of them were bigger, looked more like adults and had more points on their heads while others were smaller and with fewer points. Their heads were very similar to the heads of the silver kids.

I tried finding my childhood drawing again but I couldn’t remember the name of the book and my mom has a lot of books so after a while I gave up. I also tried drawing one of the kids from the vision but I don’t remember his/her facial features very well, just the crown/star-like head. However, I thing you can get the idea of how they look in spite of the low quality of the drawing. Has anyone ever seen something like that? Or maybe read/heard about this ET race?

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Never heard about any ET’s described like this but I don’t doubt you!


I know you said silver but was it more of a dark silver or luminescent? I’ve seen an adult female with textured skin (like snake skin) that was iridescent with what looked like a tall iridescent crown shape on her head.

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