The Tree Is A “she” And She Is Happy

The Tree Is A “she” And She Is Happy

This true story is about an encounter I had while I was fully awake in the middle of the day. I have had a couple of metaphysical encounters while awake. But most have been while in dreams or in the “in between state”. Half asleep, half awake.

Before I tell the story of the tree spirit. I wanted to mention that these experiences seem to happen in certain states of being. Usually for me these experiences happen or are triggered by extreme states, emotions, situations. And I don’t mean bad when I say extreme, just really high emotions or certain situations. For example extreme happiness, bliss, having concord a challenge, travel(I noticed that travel activates metaphysical experiences).

Anyways, here is my story. I had just recently moved(travel) to a much better place, situation. I had left the mid west. It was so cold there(but beautiful non the less). Back to Florida. I had gotten back with an ex(a very important, strong, tie). I was very happy. I was not planning on staying there long. But it was just the combination of things working out and being so happy to be back in tropical, sunny weather. One day I was outside the porch just enjoying the bright sun, the warm weather, the aesthetics of the land , house, neighborhood. I was doing some quite contemplation, meditation, research. And the moment was perfect. I was looking at a tree in the back yard and all of a sudden I started to see pixels everywhere. I first when it started happening . For the first few seconds I thought it was my contact lenses. Then it git really intense. Pixels forming in from of my eyes. Then a mist started coming out of the tree and it looked like a smiling woman with long hair. She was happy to see me. I could feel her sense of happiness and peace. She was green just like the tree. When I realized what was happening. I freaked out for a hot minute and then it all went away. The image below is very similar to what I saw that beautiful day.

This experience by far was one of the most intense wake experience I had. For a while after that I wondered if it was a good positive entity or the opposite. I feel it was a good positive entity as well as experience if I take into account the emotions and details that led to it. I would really appreciate some feed back.

Thank you so much!!

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Huh. Wonder if it was Ardrich / Ardriche (I don’t know the proper spelling). She’s basically your typical mother tree / deity or guardian of nature types. If she had that warm caring generally motherly-esque energy then might be onto something.

I just had the name come up in my head and just realized “Hey that’s the name of that old guardian tree legend!” Though I don’t really know much beyond some druids used to worship that name a few centuries ago. I’m literally just pouring out what I’m interpreting. No clue if it’s solid.


Hi! I see people in specific trees too. One in the forest near me has a weeping woman energy. The woman hiking with me and i got very quiet as we passed her and spoke of it later. I have met male energies too. Some feel like the tree themselves…others feel like the footprint of a living person is entangled.

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