Time Travel Dream

Time Travel Dream

One of my more unusual and memorable dreams involved someone with whom I (believe I) have a special connection but cannot name. The nature of the connection seems to have to do, at least, with “soul group” karma. Of course I am no expert on these matters, but I can at least be honest; my best estimate at this point is that it is related to the Germans and the Jews and their interactions during the 20th century. For my part, I am working to resolve some of the debt incurred by the German side. I am also working through some of the issues that caused the conflict to crop up in the first place (they are both deep and complicated).

The dream went like this. I am taken by a few individuals to a house. I have the impression that time travel is involved; I have been taken to the future, or an alternate reality future, by a competent organization for reasons that are not explicitly stated. We get to the house and before entering the front door, which has cut glass windows going from the top to nearly foot level, I notice hanging on the inside of the door blue stained glass letters. Together they spell “IS” “RA” “EL”.

We enter the house. I’m told by members of the group who brought me there that all I have to do is sit down with the girls in the living room, who were watching a movie. So I go in, and upon seeing the three girls I am left with the impression that two are unmistakably the daughters of the person who in reality I (believe I) have a “special connection” with, while the third I wasn’t so sure about. Perhaps she was just a friend over for a visit.

I sit down and begin paying attention to the movie. It’s starring Nicolas Cage, and the scene I see involved him trudging forlornly through a shallow stream bed. The bottom half of his face was rotting off, like a zombie’s. This is interesting in retrospect because in reality, Nicolas Cage starred in a movie where his face was replaced by a skull (“Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”), and also there was an internet meme a while back about him actually being a time traveler. Perhaps in some alternate realities some events can occur similarly, though not exactly as they do in others. A “dead-faced Nicolas Cage” might be one such event.

Whether this was somehow a “real” event in an alternate reality, as some claim dreams can be, or a created fiction like in the film “Inception” (the theory I’m currently most inclined towards, with it feeling so different from most of my dreams), or “just” a dream, I don’t know. If one of the first two categories, it would seem that the association with time travel was included deliberately, using elements that I would be certain to recognize.

I don’t recall much of what happened in the dream after beginning to watch the movie. I do know that the girls with whom I was sitting seemed both shy as well as interested in the movie, so I don’t think anything of significance was spoken between us.

It would be speculative of me to say anything about why this dream might have happened, if there even is a reason beyond the normal explanation for dreams. That said, if there is really something larger going on, for all I know writing it out on this website for the possible benefit of others might very well be part of the plan.

P.S. For those who know of and take into consideration the “living library” theory of life on Earth, it might be interesting to you that one of the first things I did after getting the majority of the above story out in a first draft was to play some music off of Youtube — with literally the first song available, which I played, being “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”. Whatever that means, if anything, it is what happened.

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Thank You for sharing! I also have dreams that I find myself connecting with someone in the dream… “knowing them”. Hope you will share if you end up gong back to learn more.

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