Trance Abduction

Trance Abduction

It was Saturday night, the first one of 2013. I was going to visit my dad at his house. He lives far from the city. Its already dark outside when I go to leave and I notice these very tall beings that looked like they were made of pure light but formed like the shape of a human. I only saw them for a second because they glided off fast. Their movement was beautiful and then they vanished from my eye sight, phasing away fast. I could feel them still near me. I followed through with my plans. I told my dad I just saw aliens but he didn’t believe me. A little dissapointed at his reaction, I went home after a while. I put my shoes in the spot I always do when I get home and I fell asleep. Once asleep I had a “dream” I was in trance and didn’t even know it at the time. In the dream I am all of a sudden at this creek right by my dads house. Its dark and quite. I get out and start walking to the creek. Its illuminated in this glowing light blue light. I wade into it and see and feel my feet only in the water. It’s deeper where I was standing so I was .floating. I could feel this warm healing light coming from the water. It surrounded my body and I could sense the energy of the light beings that I just saw earlier. I looked around as I floated higher and higher. I was so high in the sky but I was amazed not scared. Then all of a sudden I am laying on a medical table and I can’t see good. Its very hazy and blurry. A tall woman looking entity was standing at the end of the table. She had no hair and a large head flaring out where the brain is. Hers was bigger than a humans. She alarmed me with her appearance so I started feeling fear. But then she touched my ankle and I was connected to her. She was sending signals of love and protection over me. It felt like the love you get from a parent when you are a little child. She was so calm and nurturing. She then started talking in another language via telepathy or clair audience and my mind translated what she was saying. She told me that they had to restore my light body. That I suffered a lot of trauma and that it was toxic to me. I could feel them pulling all my energies like waves. It would surge and they would pull out the bad energies with their hands. She told me it was time for me to sleep and rest because I was about to start my mission and that I will be receiving transmissions and instructions later on. The next day I woke up and noticed a few healed over marks on my body where they were working. My shoes were soaked, and my gas gauge did match up. I have glimmers of other memories there but I can’t remember for whatever reason. I know there was a place with children that they showed me. I felt a connection to some of these but I just don’t remember hr details or know how. If anyone knows of a way to push past mental blocks let me know.

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One way would to call up the glimmers you do remember in meditation and focus on those for awhile. Perhaps call in a guide and ask them for help. Start with the clearest “glimmer” and look around. What colors are there? People? What do you feel? Anything familiar? Anything foreign? Inside or outside? Day or night? “Priming the pump” like this can help “syphon” out more information.


I thought this one was especially good, thanks!


Usually mental blocks are there because you put them there to protect yourself. You have to be ready to face the demon in that closet you thought was better kept away from you at some point. Find the door. Walk into it. You may re-experience the last thing you felt in that channel, which may or may not be nice. Bring a new, adult perspective to your old dusky closets, make a new empowering decision, and let fresh emotions flow out of them. It will open your channels. It takes time and patience and courage. Take it slowww!


Many people say you can simply request to have your memories back. Sometimes they put “blocks” for your own comfort. Now that you have established a safe loving connection, I am sure the memories will come back in time.

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