Transformation Of The Elements

Transformation Of The Elements

Dreams i had around December 2012 for 4 consecutive nights.

Night 1: Earth.
I am laying down on my bed and a bearded healer is massaging my body. He is vigorous and very knowledgeable. Knows exactly what he is doing. Touching my back in two places, one below and one above. I feel current flowing and my heart opens up. Something healed. I thank him by placing my right hand on his heart. We are the same.

Night 2: Water.
I am bathing in a milky white swimming pool with my daughter (then 7 yo). It is a sort of spa. A healing bath. It is very warm and steam is rising. We are very happy and have a lot of fun, but quietly. It is a bit sacred. Love each other so deeply.

Night 3: Air.
I am sitting in meditation and singing. Like a Tibetan Buddhist monk singing from the deep belly. Air is coming from my mouth, vibrating low frequencies. Then a higher sound from my heart is joining in. Then a sound of overtones from my head is joining in. I sing three sounds at once. My body is vibrating very loudly. I feel elated. Kind of very light, no weight I mean.

Night 4: Fire.
I am standing in my power, legs spread apart, arms at a little distance from my body. I am holding a hot metal cylinder in my right hand. I feel heat spreading from the center of my body. It grows. Then flames start pouring from the front of my body, from the belly and the heart. I open my mouth and flames stream out, my eyes too start streaming flames and then my whole body explodes in flames. I feel very satisfied and safe within the flames. Enormous power.

This was very intense. Every night I was going to sleep I expected something but not something as consistent as this. A methodical transformation of elements was going on. Like the Earth had a transformation or the 2nd dimension was transformed.

Has anybody had such an experience? In dreamtime or waking? (What is the difference anyway?)

(image: Pleiades)

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