Visiting Earth As A Pleiadian

Visiting Earth As A Pleiadian

This memory goes back to my life as a Pleiadian.

The flashback images I have in my mind are in that moment after landing on Earth. It was Egypt. The time when pyramids were being built.

After we landed I stood in that little beam ship, waiting for the door to be open. I wanted to go out first, because I was very excited and also I was the only girl on the board. I think we were group of five.

I remember the door being open. I stood forward on a little step and placed my right foot on the ground (sand). The excitement, the heat from the sun. The very different atmosphere and energy than I was used to.

One thing I remember clearly were my shoes. I remember they were white and very light, also I was wearing white clothes.

So I stood outside, I looked back at my crew and I gave them sign that everything feels fine. (This surprises me how brave I was to go first). Also I know I was very close with the captain. As I go with my memorizing I remember plenty of different beings walking around. There were many blue beings. Also there were spaceships parked everywhere. There were drones carrying those huge sand cubes. I don’t know the exact reason why my crew and I went there. I’m guessing it was simply about connection, sharing a wisdom and teaching ancient humans about plant medicine.

After we left Earth and were going back to Pleiades I remember thinking about how amazing the planet Earth is and considering once to incarnate here.

Another thing I remember is the preparation for this trip. I know we had to go through some physical training as pleiades are very different on energy level. If we haven‘t gone through this training we wouldn’t have been able to stand the earth atmosphere.

There was some little room with glass door. There were some kind of lights in it that were producing Earth atmosphere. I would go in there for a couple of minutes, so my body would get used to it. This memory came to me very soon after my awakening. Its almost like the first real considering of incarnating to Earth and also seeing that Earth would need help in a future and after everything what happened with Lemuria. I decided to come here. So here I am.

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I love this story. So cool!

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