Water And Sand

Water And Sand

Long time no writing my friends, gods, magicians!

A lot of new memories came up lately, also others around me are remembering more and more.

There was a giant war going on between two lost civilications. Two different kinds of conciousness/being water and sand. Together they made the heavens, but they forgot ‘together as one’. I think this was between lemuria and atlantis and still rooted in the earth and galaxy.

I found that there is more important information of these lost civilications in Antartica, Alaska and Greenland. As the Ice is melting we’re gonna see more amazing buildings, plants, seeds, cristals, and animals wich was never discovered before. There are some documentaries about it but there is a lot more to cover and a lot more abundance over there than we can imagine. Also I can remember that there are 3 important books written in light language wich is for me and my people. These are about Ashanor, Ryumar and Korasha. It is also very important to know that there are still a lot of these very old gods and magicians living in these areas. Building with their conciousness. Away from civilications wich we now know.

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Not many books written in Saren these days since it’s a rarely known dialect on Earth. I’ll be sure to look out for them.

I feel a call from Atlantis and Lemuria, I am ready to join communities that are open and asking memories to come back or come up. I was just in tears, those beautiful ones that wet my eyelashes, there is this call from the stars as well that is in my poetry and words, it is time to set intentions to allow all these aspects from the stars be released in me. What a time, I have waited for this time since I was a child, but I didn’t quite know what I was waiting for, I understand now, I… Read more »
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